Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Lawn in the Front, Veggies in the Back: Rawr, Watch the Garden Grow

Well, I've stumbled through planning this year's veggie garden.

I originally had these grandiose plans (as I tend to do) wherein I'd outline the steps I took to develop (what was ideally) this vociferously verdant veggie villa.

Then I took the pics of my garden just this past weekend and decided I'm clearly NOT the source for all you good people to get your gardening info.

What I will do is show you the state of affairs.

This is what the backyard/garden looked like in May 2011.
Backyard - on blog

This is what it looks like now.


Here's a crappy panorama, too:

Not the biggest of gardens, but it's proven to be just big enough to yield copious amounts of spinach and rampant weeds that just get out of hand so quickly!

It's certainly a work in progress.
Here, I'll show you some of the fun stuff.
Back in March I started a seedling farm in my basement.

I planted a variety of veggies, herbs and flowers. Most sprouted just fine. Thrived, in fact.

Then I brought them outside. Death visited them swiftly in the night.

What I came out with was a couple strawberry plants and some morning glories.
And oh! Those morning glories. Possibly the most successful plant so far.

See them in all their climby glory.

I've had success with other non-edibles.

The marigolds I direct sewed in the spring are doing just fine.


My potted scottish moss is happy.

And my grape plant is doing well. It's actually digging my faux gothic arch trellising!

My next battle seems to be with some hungry cucumber beetles. Nasty things that they are.
Once I've prettied the place up a bit, I'll post some more pics.

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Jane Richmond said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your backyard garden! I was wondering how things were growing :) What a transformation from the before and after, it looks quite cozy now!