Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lustful Silk Corset Finally Finished!

After an unfortunate false start, here is my version of the Anne Modesitt Silk Corset:

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Back view (in which I beg the viewer to disregard the mathematical error I made on both the first, frogged go around, and the second completed version, wherein I somehow ended up with about 20 stitches less than was required after the bust decreases:
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Slightly better view of entire corset front:
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Me playing the slightly blurry model:
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Close-up of cute little flop from the top point:
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Pattern: Anne Modesitt's Silk Corset

Yarn: I used the ArtYarns Regal Silk called for in the pattern, but much less (I think it was only about 2.25 hanks of it)

Mods: I didn't change colour at the bottom of the corset as shown in the pattern.
I made it a tad small, and blocked it farther than I've blocked before. (I know silk will stretch, so making it a bit smaller was the plan anyhow).
I used some silk ribbon to tie up the front instead of buttons. All I did for that mod was make button holes on the other side of the button edge, to match the ones called for in the pattern.

ps: on the blocking - I just spray-blocked it, and I'm so glad I did. It only took about an hour to dry, even in the incredible humidity of a Southern Ontario June!

I loved making this so much, I'm making another! (you may or may not have been able to read my oh-so-subtle joy on completion of this here garment by the massive number of photos above). The yarn has already been ordered, and is waiting for me at the post office! I can't wait! (I know there are far too many exclamation marks in this paragraph, but it's just that damn exciting. I must convey it. If you've a better way, let me know. I'm always hip to the improvement of grammar and stuff).

Wish me luck :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh Butters....

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Butters, atop my thumb, unwittingly melting my heart with his cuteness

There's a knitting groove back at the Sanctuary. I have proof:

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Silk Corset -
I unhappily had to frog it and restart when I realized the size I chose was much too small. And through some black knitting magic, I ended up with about 15 less stitches than I needed. Here you see the revised work. I want it done NOW! I've ordered some silk ribbon online to lace up. I haven't decided whether I should wear the laced-up bit on the front or the back.

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Retro Sweater -
Very modded top. I love the merino yarn; it's Louet Gems in Aubregine. I'm making it much smaller than the called for sizing. I really don't care for loose-fitting tops.

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Lingerie Dress -
Sadly, this one is on hold because it hurts me to look at it. The binding off along one skirt-side didn't go so well. I have to get creative and fix it up somehow.

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Wound Rayon Yarn in Delicious Purples -
Hmmmm, what to do with this?

And, here's some headline news:
I am NOT (entirely) the Plant Angel of Death.

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See the Sweet Pea. It thrives!

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See the Oregano! It's, uh, living still.

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This guy is here just because he's great.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


June 24
Yellow Silk Corset
Trigger Bag

July 1
Grey Lingerie Dress

July 14
Askew in Summer Tweed
Askew in Rowan Cotton
Dorothy Bear

July 28
Purple Retro Shirt
Pink Cupcake
Mystery Garn Studio Pattern

August 4
Backyard Leaves Scarf

I reserve the right to alter this Deadlines List in any way I see fit, especially if new, and very awesome, patterns come to my attention.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm beaming with mirthful giddiness today. It's just one of those days. And I'd like to share a bit of this with my erudite and highly refined audience. You are all, of course, incredibly intelligent (as is evidenced by your perusal of this here bloggy), wonderfully talented and creatively inspiring. But, do you all know of a little program called Father Ted? If not, you will thank me for the tip. Here is one of the things making me smile today:

hilarious clips of Dougal
my favourite bit from Father Ted.

I'm also quite excited about knitting again. I've initiated a KAL for Knitty's Askew over on Craftster. I was so intensely enthused about casting on for this baby last night that I dumped out my stash from the hope chest (well, lovingly placed in concentric circles on the floor) and rooted through (carefully selected choice and appropriate yarns) to start on the job. In the process I re-discovered lovelies that I forgot I had (which is even better than reaching into your pocket and finding $20 you never knew you had), and have been scheming up new ideas. Remember that Fair Isle Halter I was going to make with the long-neglected Rowan Handknit Cotton DK? Well, into the Askew pile it went (more specifically, onto me needles it flew). I'm quite proud of my stash-busting: I've also re-enlisted the Rowan Summer Tweed of Ester fame and it will become a second version of the Askew.
I love patterns that allow for so much easy modding and creativity!
I'm also chugging my way (much like a heavy-laden locomotive) through the Retro Lacy top, Lingerie dress and Silk Corset. Fear has set in about the corset: this may be revealing too much of my personal knitting disaster, but I somehow ended up with about 20 stitches less than was listed in the pattern after I decreased for the torso. And I used needles a whole 1.75 mm smaller than listed in the pattern *blushing profusely*. It seems that my lauded blocking skillz will have to work more than a miracle if this 5.5sts to an inch gauge is going to fit over my ribcage.
Still isn't bringing me down!

If you're interested, please join the Askew KAL on craftster. I can't wait to see what all you other creative knitters can concoct!

This post brought to you by Making stupid people write somewhat smarterer than what they are.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Retro Lace Shrug

As you may have guessed, my creative writing skillz re: titles are non-existent today. I've decided to play a bit of catch up, and blog about my long-finished Retro Lace Shrug:

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Pattern: Retro Lace Shrug from Interweave Press' "Lace Style"
Yarn: Alchemy Silk Purse (in a lovely hot pink whose name/number escapes me at the moment. Ruby something, I believe)

This is a great pattern, in that it's quick to knit and very stylin'. I just regret making it in hot pink, which drastically limits my ability to incorporate it into the regular wardrobe rotation.

Because of the minimal effort that goes into this one, it's a great tv-watching knit. I'd just suggest for any interested knitters to make a more thoughtful colour decision than I made for myself.

I did block the hell out of this one. As per my usual MO. Because of said blocking tendencies, I was able to create a garment that is stretched beyond belief (and now will stretch no more. I would really, really quite hate it if I put all the time into making a piece and then it gets all loosey-goosey on me. See my sad Fair Isle Sweater.)

The yarn is amazing to work with, and feels great against the skin (being 100% silk and all....) I'll be patronizing the Alchemy yarn family for many future projects. I've already got a couple on me mind's backburner.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The long-awaited new issue of Knitty is up. I checked and checked for the past 10 days, eagerly poised on the edge of my seat to see how thrilled I would be with the new additions to the knitting-sphere.

While I must admit there is only one pattern that I'd make (and probably will CO for quite shortly), most of them aren't exactly my style. That's fine. I don't have kids, and I have a well-documented arch-nemesis relationship with wearing socks, let alone knitting them. But I was quite astonished when I did my regularly-scheduled reading of craftster and found this thread
sitting there. Just to summarize:

people are proving themselves to be morons! And why do I not comment about this on the thread itself? It's been made fairly clear by the moderator that this sort of discussion has come to a close. And I thank her for it.

People were taking criticism of this FREE and WONDERFUL and SUPPORTIVE and FUN mag to totally unreasonable and uncalled for levels. These designers are real people, and have real cameras, and have themselves, family or friends that pose for the model shots. What's wrong with you knitters out there, making fun of them for their photographic qualities, complaining that you have to scroll down to see a "decent" picture of the pattern? Wow. Truly ungrateful and nasty. Nasty nasty nasty.

If you've got a problem with the "thin" models, and complain that the patterns aren't wearable, make your own pattern. Mod it for yourself. Or just move on. Really. Nothing nice to say? (you know the rest of the phrase).

That thread gave me an ick feeling that's just not going away, my faithful readers. It's also made a first for me on this here bloggy-dealy: an angry rant post!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Warning! Geek Content Ahead

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Eye candy! Laura Secord chocolates I happily scarfed down minutes after this photo was taken.

While I've been away, I've been eagerly etsy-purchasing, food-making, workshop-taking and canary-feeding. Certainly not knitting. Or crocheting. Or even quilting.
As I hang my head in shame, I have to admit that my time has been spent instead in honing the great skills of procrastination. I have a large knitting project that should be done. Hasn't even got anywhere near a needle yet.

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Pretty little lilacs - now quite dead.

So, apparently lack of progress is news. And now for my geek content:


Oh, Mythbusters. Why are you so entertaining? There was a thread started on craftster not too long ago about knitting myths, but it got pulled since it's applicability to the actual purpose of the board was deemed tenuous at best. And so, for my (very few) readers, and all those of you who visit and don't comment (I know you do, my friends. I have a hit counter):
Hear any good myths? Knitting or otherwise?

< / end geek content >

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And here is what I should be doing.