Friday, September 24, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: mome
Rav ID: mome
Some Great Designs: mome's Rav Projects Page

Today's designer is a knitter after my own heart. In her Rav "About Me", she writes:
"The best part is starting a new project, that is where all adrenalin is!"
And how!

But she certainly does well with her finished designs.
Check out her Honey, I'm home! (pictured right). I superlove this texture, and the deep ribbing on the sleeves and waist. A cool twist on a classic cardi.

Texture is something mome's really got down. Witness the cute skirt Gone, with its dancing cables and wee lace eyelets.

While Future dress isn't actually said garment, it's lovely in its current form. I can imagine how fab the dress version would be! Like Honey, I'm home, deep cuff detailing adds interest to this sweater knit.

Finally, I'll direct your attention to a sweater she designed for her daughter, Pink lady. Texture abounds! The fun things you can do for a little girl's garment! I'm particularly a fan of the bobbles-used-to-perfection on the flowers :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Case of the Camping Cat

I've been here, there and other whereabouts this summer.
I've got a few posts up my sleeve; thought I'd first share the tale of my (one time) feline roommate.

A rather unenthused Christmas gift recipient, my parent's cat Dante paid me a three day visit a few weeks ago. They were all off camping for the weekend, and said kitty cat would have been super unenthused to accompany them for the whole shebang.

So, to my apartment he went (and truly, reader, my bedroom/canary room he did not enter. My boys would have been super DUPER unenthused by his presence.)

I had a bit of fun confusing him with a singing, moving plastic American Goldfinch.



Then, for one night, he was toted along with me up to the campsite.


There was plenty a sight to be seen, but he was very happy indeed to chill in the trailer.

I, on the other hand, enjoyed my time canoeing.

Dad and brother take canoe off car.

CanaryLady takes arty shot of water.

Yet again, naked trees and cattails.

And the prettiness of roots half-submerged.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Iryna Klionava
Blog: Knotting Noodles
Rav ID: klionik
Some Great Designs: klionik's Rav Designer Page

While the leaves are still green on the trees, I'd like to show you the beauitful work by klionik.

Namely, her hat Liffey, pictured right. Now those are what I call scrummptious cables! With a dramatic interplay between cable, wee bit of lace and subtle texture, this hat has it all! PS: the tie in the back = adorable.

A very functional and sweet little knit, klionik's Peyote Pincushion would be a wonderful addition to your sewing (and knitting!) basket.
(that is, if you indeed have a basket that's large enough for your stash. Oh, you do?.... you mean, you aren't living in a sea of yarn, sometimes threatening to overflow from the bounds of closet, hamper, cedar chest and other random hiding places?)

Finally, I'll point you to her stylin Green Grocery Eco Bag. It's got a purty mesh lace pattern, and "has been tested on 3 kg of oranges: will hold more." I love that; pre-testing its weight load!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Robin Hood and Gothic Arches; Or, White Horse Hill

Pattern: White Horse Hill (buy now)
Yarn: madelinetosh sock, 2 hanks (really, one and a third)
Needles: 2.25mm circs

In May I explained how a hottie McGee in an awesomesauce movie captured my attention.
Oh, how inspired I was :)
PhotobucketAnd now, finally, is the completed pattern!

I was so excited to knit this piece. I did more planning for this wee wrap than I have for almost any other pattern I've knit. I knew precisely what I wanted it to look like, and guess what: this time, I actually achieved it!

It's knit from the top down, with charts to guide your way. Featuring Gothic arches (or at least, my humble attempts at such reproduction) made from fun cables and twisty twists.
The bottom section, that ruffly bit there? That's mainly just moss stitch, with the main arms of the arches extending downwards to anchor the "windows" to the edge of the wrap.

Photobucket I hope this is one of those (rare) instances when a ruffle is a good thing. It was mondo fun to knit.

This was also in part due to the stunning beauty of the yarn. Not only is it unbelievably soft and springy, the rich, rich colour is almost hypnotizing.

I've worn it around a few times; it's a pretty adaptable piece. The ribbon lacing means that you can wear it tighter or looser, depending on your desired look. Personally, I'm a fan of the long ends dangling down and dancing in the breeze (which, believe me, I tried to get a nice photo of. The wind, she no cooperated! Shifty nature... you just can't reason with it.)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Brave New Knits: My Milk Maiden

Pattern: Milk Maiden
Source: Brave New Knits

I've been waiting what feels like ages to post about this here knit.Photobucket

I couldn't believe it when Julie Turjoman asked if I'd like to be included in her book about knitters and the interwebby blogosphere. I was so very, very excited! But it was, of course, all to be secret knitting.

I began work on Milk Maiden in early spring of 2009. At that time, the museum I work at had an exhibition featuring printwork of a number of Dutch masters. In particular, Lucas van Leyden's Milk Maid caught my attention.
While my own Milk Maiden isn't a totally faithful repro of van Leyden's barefoot farmworker, I took a few pieces of ephemeral inspiration from his engraving.

It's a fairly basic bottom-up raglan construction (you can't stop me on those sweaters!), with a bit of a fun twist with the ribbing on the bust and wee bit of lace detail knit separately and then stitched on afterward.

Photobucket These pictures were taken around May 2009, just before I mailed the pullover off to Julie for photoging and promotional purposes.

It's really very cool to see the same piece I knit being worn by a real model!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, dear readers. If not for your continued support, I wouldn't have been much of a blogger. Would have missed out on so much inspiration. Certainly wouldn't have caught Julie's eye - it's all thanks to you that she thought to contact me, and I got to be involved in this great book.

Thanks so very much!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Susi
Blog: runningsusi
Rav ID: runningsusi
Some Great Designs: runningsusi's Rav Designer Page

Now, before I head out on that sweet, sweet camping trip, I have to share with you this week's well-timed designer, runningsusi.

Well timed because, well, my chilly weekend camping trip would do well to have a beautiful toque like the pictured Free Spirit Hat. The colourwork on this piece is amazing. I love how it's totally unisex, and a perfectly portable knit for camping!

In another demonstration of colourwork smarts, runningsusi's Fair Isle Stash socks are a beautiful and wonderful way to use up all those wee remnants from various and sundry socky knitting!

Lastly, I'll direct you to her very cool Knitted Tee. How awesome is that stitch pattern and texture?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

...And The Winner Is...

PhotobucketCongratualtions to Allyson! You can just email me your mailing info, and the book will be on its way to you asap.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and all your kind comments!

Now, I'm off to spend what is shaping up to be a rainy, rainy weekend in a couple of tents with five other knitters.


There's always a silver lining: perhaps the excessive precipitation will encourage reams and reams of knitting to be completed. Oh, the productivity!!