Monday, April 24, 2006

So far so good

It seems the Book Reviews are growing on me. Only problem is, I love them all! I can't go around like Homer, being a critic who doesn't have anything bad to say about anything (remember that episode?) Maybe I'll come across some rotters, and have to vent about them.

Book Review: "Scarf Style"

Book Review: "Scarf Style: Innovative to traditional, 31 inspirational styles to knit and crochet"
by Pam Allen - editor of Interweave Knits

My latest obession, "Scarf Style" has so many patterns in it that catch my fancy that I knew I had to buy it as soon as I picked it up. A few patterns are a little freaky for my taste (Kathryn Alexander's "Color on Color" is not only something I would never wear or knit, its something that I can't imagine anyone wearing).
Among the highlights are Teva Durham's "Turtleneck Shrug" which is perfect for keeping you warm without being an ever-lasting knitting project, Kathleen Power Johnson's "Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole" (which is a more epic project I hope to take on for next fall) and my very favourite, Nancy Bush's "Ene's Scarf" (which I'm currently planning 3 of - all for me!)
Another great aspect of the book is the "Design Notebook" at the back with advice on such topics as ideas for creating your own scarf, choosing yarn, knitting in different directions, how to knit garter stitch on the diagonal, and so on. An entirely excellent book, I would reccomend it to anyone who has gotten tired of the basic scarf and would like some unique and challenging patterns, as well as some twists on traditional fashion must-haves.

Book Review: "Knitting Over the Edge"

Book Review: "Knitting Over the Edge: the second essential collection of over 350 decorative borders"
by Nicky Epstein

I didn't think there could be more, but Epstein doubled the fun with her second book of decorative knitting ideas. With the same layout and approach as the first book, "Knitting over the Edge" adds to the creative storehouse of the first with new ribs, cords, appliques, colours (my favourite) and a section titled "nouveau". My absolute favourite page in the book is 134, with a colour chart for bunnies and one for sheep (how cute would those sheep be with some bead work in their coats? See what I mean about inspiration!)

Book Review: "Knitting on the Edge"

Book Review: "Knitting on the Edge: the essential collection of 350 decorative borders"
by Nicky Epstein

An excellent collection of some very creative things to do with knitting, Epstein's book is a must-have for knitters who enjoy personalizing patterns or even adding some finishing touches and flair to their own designs. I love looking at books that inspire as well as challenge, and I find this book has both. Beautiful colour images throughout, with clear instructions and great examples.

Book Review - "Weekend Knitting"

"Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas"
Melanie Falick

A singular book, "Weekend Knitting" combines knitting-appropriate books and movies, with quotes and recipes interspered throughout the text. While I did find a handful of patterns that I was interested in making (the Nursury Rhyme Finger Puppets are very cute), I was more interested in the book's helpful hints, such as the "Gentle Hand Massage" outlined on page 101 and and "Knitter's Gift Basket" with suggestions for knitter gifts on page 149.
The book made me wish I had my own home to decorate with yarn! (page 41).

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Star of the Show

Here he is, the greatest living canary. One of the six I have at home, he's the sweetest of all. This picture was taken just after a bath (hence the wet feathers). He'll get something knit for him eventually. That's the only regrettable thing about having a canary for a pet - no pet beds, no sweaters, no cute hats, nothing. The best I can do is make him a cage cover, which will be a huge undertaking (and really, he won't appreciate it nearly as much as I'll appreciate the vintage 1940's pattern jumper on my needles right now!)
Hopefully some WIPs and FOs to come soon.


My constant preoccupation with knitting (and recently crocheting) has led me to create this blog. Maybe this process with help in getting all my ideas out, and provide a record so that I don't forget them (which is often the case).
So for now, create and edit away!