Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cheese Dreamin; Or, I Get All Scientific & Stuff. Cheshire.

I'd never tried a Cheshire cheese before, and so was keen to see how this particular part of my cheese/dream study went over.

This is what the study said:
If you just want a good night’s sleep without too many dreams, then choose lovely crumbly Cheshire . In this category, over half of all nights were dreamless, while participants stated that 76% of all Cheshire-induced sleeps were either “quite good” or “very good”.

Cheese I ate: Caerphilly, Welsh
My Score: Meh. I slept ok, just about as good as usual. Did dream, though had a hell of a time trying to remember the dream. My half-asleep notes? "yarn, taking tests, felt like high school".
Hmmm. While the taste of the cheese was just fine, I'm not turning to this one for a good night's sleep.


flossieKNITS said...

Interesting. Keep 'em coming!

silvatica said...

I love your cheese study and the new layout is great. Happy summer!