Thursday, November 30, 2006

Angry Ives

Way too funny, here is Ives beaking off while sitting on Butter's cage. Beneath him, right at the bottom, you can see Butters looking up at Ives and wondering what he's all angry about!

Birds in Flight

Here's a sampling of the pics I took of my boys this morning. All are Hilts but the close-up at the top. They look so cool in flight!

Swap Angel

Here's a little bear I made for a swap. The wings are just tin foil wrapped around a couple of cardboard cut-outs. I punched holes in the back of them and secured them on the bear with some white thread (to match the dress). I also made a little Santa outfit, but didn't take a pic before I sent it off. I hope my swapee likes it!

Heavier on the Canary, lighter on the Knits: an explanation

As you can see, I haven't been posting much knitting lately, and have resorted to cute canary pictures. These two items are what I'm putting forward as an explanation. I've been knitting too much to actually post anything :p
So, here is a chullo with a personally designed maple leaf fair isle pattern (made with black Lamb's Pride Worsted and some hand spun, hand painted stuff I picked up ages ago on eBay).
Also, you'll see my WIP of a Lady Eleanor, from Scarf Style. It's in Noro Silk Garden, 208 on 4.5mm needles. I'm approximately halfway through. Can't wait to finish this one and block it out! Entrelac was on my list of "to learn" for quite a while, and I'm glad I started this pattern because it truly isn't that difficult. (can't wait to attach the fringe, that's going to be amazing) :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Tribute to Trigger

Here is my very favourite canary - Trigger. He died a while ago. These pictures feature him at his dopey best, first eyeing me with fear and a bit of irritation, then happily sitting with seed husks on his beak like usual! He was a filth-pig :p
Then we see him soaking wet, after one of his very few baths, then sitting on my keyboard, unsure what to make of the situation! (you can see a drawing I did of him while he was asleep in the background). Finally, one of the last pictures I took of him, sitting on his seed dish, staring over his shoulder as if to imply "what!? I'm trying to eat here!"

Monday, November 06, 2006

Inter-species face-off

Just a quick note today: Ives inspects one of the items I got in my most recent "Autumn" themed swap.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The First Installation of the Fine Feathered Fellows of the Canary Sanctuary!

It's about time to introduce my great birds!
Here you see the proud Mats: the epitome of canary-ism. Here we see him with slightly spikey head feathers following a bath.

And here is (what is most probably) Mats' brother Hilts. Yes, he is named after Hilts of the Great Escape. Thusly named because he tried to escape the box we brought him home in.
Hilts is most probably Mats' brother because they were bought at the same time from the same breeder. They "argue" between the cages too - chasing eachother and generally engaging in sibling rivalries!

Here is Butters (and yes, he's named after the South Park character). He's quite a loud-mouth, and the biggest bird here at the Sanctuary! He and the next canary are in love :) They tweet at eachother all day, and if they're separated for any length of time they plaintively cry for eachother.

Ives: the tough guy. He's also named after a Great Escape character. He's very orange - a fiery one through and through! Here we see Ives right after a bath, in full spikey-feather mode.

Here's Moore, taking a bath. When he made a visit to the vet, he was weighed. When the vet came back into the room with him, the vet said "Here's the little Fatso!" Hahaha, he went on a diet after that! He loves his baths, and has the oddest tweet you've ever heard.