Thursday, July 21, 2016

Great Northern Pre-order Event!!!

From now until July 31st is the Great Northern Pre-order Event!!! Can you feel the excitement? You're probably waiting to find out what that means, exactly, before getting too excited. Fair enough.
Teresa and I were talking about how much shipping costs can prevent us from pulling the trigger on our own purchases, and realized that doing a free shipping deal would be a fantastic way to get new people interested in the book, and possibly entice our existing audience to buy multiple copies for gifts. So, here we are, making it happen!
For a limited time, take advantage of FREE SHIPPING* on the Great Northern print book (AND yarn from Mrs. Crosby! See below...)
When you pre-order July 21th-31st, you get free shipping on the book. Or many books, as many as you want to buy for gifts.
ALSO! During this time, thanks to our amazing friends at Gather DTLA (srsly go check this place out), you can get free shipping on 4 or more skeins of Mrs. Crosby Steamer Trunk! Whether you're going to use the yarn for a Great Northern sweater or not, stock up on these beauties while they are still available.
Preorder the Great Northern print book with free shipping! 
(US only)
To pre-order the ebook or the print book to other shipping locations, please visit our pre-order site here.
Please spread the news! Let's get a copy of this baby into the hands of all the lovely, crafty freaks who would appreciate it.
*US only, with apologies to the rest of the world. We will still ship to you! We just can't do it for free :(