Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dreaming in Knitty Colour: The Online Pattern Edition

This is, I promise, the last post of its kind for a while.
Greenery Toque
I need a hat. This one is cute.
Plus I think I can stash-bust some Patons Classic Wool in a creamy colour along with some Patons Decor, in a sagey green. I'm envisioning a huge pompom on top, too.
Basically just so that I can use the giant pompom maker that I bought ages ago.

Spiral Cowl
This one is a cool idea. I think it may also look attractive because I think it may be yet another stash-busting solution.

I already posted re: the Picovoli. It's got a whole whack of buttery-yellow Debbie Bliss Pure Silk waiting for it.

Anne Modesitt's Silk Corset
I've already bought this pattern, and it's just sitting in my knitting folder. I also have the yarn - the same type recommended. And, once again, it's a couple shades of yellow.
I'm sure at one point I'll move on from the golden-yarn-buying phase. It's just not all out of my system quite yet.

Another stashbuster! (I hope). I have a load of Kid Silk 2-Ply left over from my misadventures with the first Ene's Scarf. I also have a bunch of very pretty brown, yellow and gold coloured glass beads that haven't yet found a suitable vocation, and I think this might be it.
Stay tuned.
I might be all scarfed-out at this point, with two still on the needles.

Colourful Waves Throw
I've been collecting blue and purple yarn for this thing since knitting-time began for me. It started with a newbie purchase of some Fleece Artist mohair yarn (which I soon realized wouldn't be suitable for the top I had been planning to make with it).
Then I bought several hanks of Fleece Artist's Curly Locks in various shades of blue and purple. What else would you use it for?
Then I decided that I needed to try knitting with angora, and just bought some random, inexpensive angora on eBay. Well, turned out to be the goat, not the bunny.
Fairly disappointing, and a stupid newbie mistake, but the two skeins of blue, fuzzy and sometimes rather itchy angora will make themselves useful, I'm sure.
The problem with this one will lie in exactly how to combine these various gauges into a harmonious whole.

Mrs. Beetons
More stash-busting. At its best, I might add, because this pattern will enable me to use all those lovely scraps left over from larger projects, made with the precious, precious yarn that I would under no circumstances throw away.

Ditto for this one.

Garn Studio Crocheted Bikini Top
This pattern is much like the other Crocheted halter that I've recently posted about from Sexy Little Knits. Not sure which I like best.

Cloud Bolero
Since I love my Anthropologie shrug oh so much, I've decided to expand my shrug-choices and add this one to the mix.
If anyone knows a good sub for Lion Brand Thick and Quick, let me know. I've check the shades at the local Michael's, and they're rather disappointing.

Lace Up Gloves
These were just too pretty not to include. I probably wouldn't wear them.
I'm at a fortunate age where I can still get away with wearing, what might be termed as, younger fashions, while still being able to walk the line of the grown-up wardrobe.
These, methinks, fall under the latter category, and there isn't much time left for me to be able to pull them off.

Kiri Shawl
I have 1/2 a pound of laceweight wool (already featured on the blog under the sad, sad heading of Misadventures with Kool-Aid dying.
It's a distinct possibility that, after I correct the colouring of said yarn, it may become this shawl.

Celia Crocheted Top
This one's not bad. It's a sad second, compared to the Cupcake top. But, as crocheted tops go, this one is wearable.
I would, of course, mod it. I'm not sure how I feel about those dangling triangles at the bottom edge.
That said: it would probably be a quick craft, and would serve well as a summer top.

Bergere de France - Take II
Ah yes, I'm trying again. I had originally purchased some Patons Classic Wool in a cream colour to make this top, but have subsequently been informed that said wool pills.
I may or may not change my mind on the yarn, but dammit, I will have this sweater.

Fake Isle
This hat is also very cute. Once again, from a stash-busting point of view, this will take care of some left over Lamb's Pride Worsted I have, along with a ball of Noro Silk Garden in very pretty shades of pink and purple.
Of course, with an added pompom.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dreaming in Knitty-Colour the Final (presently): Sexy Little Knits

Two final pieces for your consideration:
Both of these will ultimately fulfill my warm-weather knits requirements.
The top one might require some mods and a bit of variation, but still an inspiration starter :)

Dreaming in Knitty-Colour Five: Vogue Knitting Dreams

And now for a bit of eye-candy from last fall's Vouge Knitting.
This top is very cute. I love the trim and ribbon (there's something about tops with ribbon details lately that make me want to knit them!)

Here is a knit that probably will never be, or at least not in it's pure form. I already have plans for another knit corset (in a Knitty-Colour post to come), and so this one is mostly posted because, really, how pretty is that?
Once again, not gonna knit this. At least, not too likely. It's just inspiration.
I'm still undecided about this top. Sort of cute, but cute on me? Hmmm...
Methinks perhaps one must have a rather long torso to look good in this, instead of the possible outcome of looking like a frilly, stumpy cupcake.
I really like the sleeves, though!

Dreaming in Knitty-Colour Four: Interweave Knits Inspiration, with a bit of Crochet thrown in

Yes, the "Dreaming in Knitty Colour..." posts just keep coming. Here's my list from Interweave Knits.
I was originally interested in making this shawl, the "Swallowtail", but I question how much I'll actually use it. It is very beautiful. But for the most part, I'd like to devote my knitting time to items that I'll actually wear/use. This is the "Bonita" top from the same issue. I started to make it once, and even blogged about it, but because gague and I are not friends, and certainly were not at that time,
the top suffered the consequences and became a little ponchette, or whatever :p
This one is also a little questionable. Not sure if I *really* like it. I'd definately have to make it more form-fitting. I really like the lace, though, and I need to come up with more warm weather knits.
Here is something a little off: the top "Cupcake" from "The Happy Hooker". It's really sweet, and I have yet to find the cotton that would be best to make it, but this would be a good solution to the warm weather knits (though this one is crocheted).
This one is also from "Happy Hooker". I love the lace, and the Anthropologie capelet that I made months back gets a lot of use, and I love it. This one could be just as useful :)

Dreaming in Knitty-Colour Trois: Retro Edition the Second

Yet another selection of retro-y goodness. Some 40s and 50s, with some 80s thrown in for good measure.
I would have included them all in one post, but you only get 5 pics per post!

Now, the bagginess of this one I don't much care for. But the collar is cool (but questionable as to whether I can pull it off) and I like the all-over lace.
How incredibly cool are these two 80s gems? I can't believe I'm saying "80s" and "gems" in the same sentence (and spelling gems with a G, not a totally outrageous J).
This top is incredibly sweet! I think it's my favourite of all the ones I've posted so far. The only things about retro patterns is the yarn requirements. Oh yeah, and the unfamiliar sizing.
And the shortness of all the tops.
Other than that, they're all very cool.

Dreaming in Knitty Colour Deux: Retro Edition

What follows is a selection of various decades and various patterns that have caught my eye. Feast on the greatness of the 80s (well, I like the lace pattern on the yellow one), the cabelly goodness of the 50s and the delicate lace of the 40s.
None of these have yarn purchased for them yet. They're all just dreams.
Taking into account that I'll probably be making the shirts a bit longer (because I hate short shirts that ride up), think I can pull off a 40s fashion?

Such dramatic lighting! Not so sure I can be so movie starlet-esque as these ladies.
Oh yes, and the collared one on the left, ick. I like the one on the right.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dreaming in Knitty-colour

I've recently been informed by sources whose knitting-influence have, in the past, saved me from making a disaster sweater, that I need to step up production, and certainly the blogging re: the production, of my oft-lamented WIP pile.
To this end, I have decided that I shall display, for all blogdom too see (and for me to keep track of) all (actually, most) of the patterns that I own and dream about and hope to one day knit.

Here we have a WIP pattern, the Fair Isle U-Neck from VK. I've photoed it in the last post.
It's in Knit Picks Elegance. I didn't really research my colour choices for the fair isle, and so am only half-in-love-with this WIP. The project itself kicks ass major. When I found that I was having these meh feelings towards the colours (that and the intimidation of fair isle) I put it down in October, and haven't touched it since.
I also decided that I was going to further research the colours, and so plotted the diagrams and bought some Knit Picks Merino Style in fun yellows and browns (I think. It's been so long since I bought them!) Perhaps a photo of the to-be-worked-on yarn will follow soon.
FYI: I realize these are not wonderful, pleasant, or even easy-to-make-out photos. Forgive me. Laziness compels me to say "screw it" to perfect placement, lighting, zoom, etc... to provide the reader with an idea of what I'm getting at.

Here we have the very sweet Molly Ringwald pattern from Knitscene. I love this issue (don't ask which one it is - it's not in front of me right now).
This pattern is one of many that I've had floating around in my knitty-dreams for months now.
I purchased the yarn to make this top a few weeks ago. It's Noro Cash Ihora, in a pink not unlike the one in the photo. I started it too, only to realize that my rib count was off and I'm a dumbass. That and the Cash Ihora is a larger gauge than the one required (why I do this to myself, I know not).
And so, it was frogged, and awaits approval in its sad little bag on my bedroom floor.
Btw, the yarn is beautiful! I loves Noro!

When I heard of the book "Romantic Style" I knew it would make me drool. It didn't disappoint.
Here are two patterns that I'm planning to make from it: above the Bed Jacket, and below the famous Butterfly dress.
Never being a kool kid myself, I missed out on the Butterfly trend. The way I see it, I get to benefit from everyone else's experience by reading their blogs and KALs.
I've also already bought the yarn that I'll be using to make the 2 projects. For the Bed Jacket it's Bernat Satin in a baby pink colour (see, how could I be a yarn snob of the utmost proportions if I use Bernat anything?)
And for the dress (which I will only be making into a top - knitted dresses seem odd to me) is Kidsilk Haze in a sagey green colour.

Here, at the bottom of the post, sits what I think is a pretty cute lil' ol retro hat pattern. Not that I'm a hat wearer per se, but if I were to wear one, I think this might be it. I also posted it because I know a knitty friend of mine enjoys hats. Retro hats, I don't know. But hats.
Oh yes, and how could you say no to a hat called "Minaret"?

WIP Roll Call the Second

Here are the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from SnB Nation. The only thing left to do on them is the left thumb. Lazy? Yes.
I'm making them with the suggested yarn in the suggested colour.

Here is my long-in-the-works Koigu Clapotis. All I have to do is finish the decreasing.

This is a bag that's been in the works for over a year and a half. I even bought a matching zipper (very clever!) It's Manos del Uruguay (started before I understood that perhaps a pretty wool yarn isn't the best to make a bag out of) and a wee bit of KidSilk from Fleece Artist (the very same one that I started my first Ene's Scarf out of).

And lastly, some very awesome fabric that I'm thinking of combining into a bag. If I ever break that sewing machine out.

WIP Roll Call!

The very soft and only half completed Backyard Leaves scarf from Scarf Style. It's being knit with some angora/merino blend yarn I bought this past year at the KW Knitter's Fair.

And here is a bunny. Still needs clothes.

My first cross-stitch. Hopefully more to show soon. I really like working on it, it's a nice change from the knitting. I just need total concentration and verrry good light to work on it.

Finally, here are 2 photos of the Fair Isle U-Neck sweater from VK that I haven't touched since October. I know this for sure because October is when I bought the very pretty bowl that the project is now living in. This is being made with Elegance, from KnitPicks. I love knitting with it!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Progress on Eiffel

A slow start to my first SKC knitalong. I had to go out and try to find some 3.5 mm circs, which I couldn't, and so I used 3.25. (am I already inviting trouble?)

I also had issues casting on, in that I did it 3 times and each time twisted the damn stitches. I still don't know what I did wrong, but just un-twisted it in the end and now that the progress you see here. Soon I'll move up to the 4 mm needles. We'll see if my gamble on the 3.25s worked out!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sewing and Snow

Say hello to the world's oldest "working" sewing machine. With a red Christmas tree light to illuminate your work, and a hefty weight of (probably) over 20lbs, this sucker needed replacement. (I say it's from the 40s. That's just based on the design, but what do I know about the design of sewing machines?)
Here's the replacement. Due to the power outage today, I wasn't able to play with it. But I certainly hope within the next few days I'll be trying to sew those straight seams.
And, here's the proof of the arrival (finally!) of winter.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Swimming in a Sea of Cotton

Here is the beginning of a fabric stash, currently hiding out in this, my new blue sewing basket and wicker basket.
So far, the basket has my mostly finished first (and rather sad) attempt at cross-stitch.
Some pre-cut scraps from the Quilt Rack. Truly, I'm just a magpie. Not that I've ever sewn anything in my life, but I'm rather ambitious. Good for a first project?
Already I'm sensing a colour tendency here. Who'd have thought brown would be so delightful?
This is, unfortunately, just a scrap, destined for a quilt. I wish I had the skill and yardage to make something wearable with this. It's my favourite so far.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yet another installment of This Will Become That

Here I introduce the continuation of my yellow fixation with this:
Debbie Bliss Pure Silk
which will, hopefully, become this:
Grumperina's Picovoli.
(I will, at some point, learn how to link the right way).
I'll be adding a cable to the front, and haven't yet decided on a picot edging or not. When I cast on, I'll see if I'm feeling up to it.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Elinor Dashwood - Again

I am Elinor Dashwood!
Once again, an entertaining online quiz has pronounced my character to be that of Elinor Dashwood. I guess I really am that constant!