Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Romper Risk: Danger Averted!

We last left our super-seamstress in a pile of distress and fabric scraps, crying aloud at the wrath of the sewing gods for their pernicious whims of fabric fail.
What with one thing and another (one being my dad's "looking" at my sewing machine, the other being my impatience), I don't have all that much photographic evidence of my triumph over the super small 1970s jumpsuit-cum-romper pattern.

What I do have is this silly photo, taken mere days ago, displaying the risky sewing endeavour at its finale.

I ended up leaving the back of the romper open; artistically open. As in, I totally meant to leave it open like that and hanging loose and now you can see my back and possibly even bra band.

What I'm hoping is that I get up the time/energy to stitch a couple clips on the back to hide the aforementioned unmentionables.

If you'll recall (and why wouldn't you? This is Very Important Stuff here, people!) I have another few meters of fabric earmarked for romper fun.

I'm hoping to have another one ready to show you, fully equipped with a back and everything.

In summation:

-rompers are cool
-everyone should have a romper
-everyone should also have a dad who will give your sewing machine a scary look and then get it to behave
-beware the temptation to be lazy and just add ties to make a closure for the back of your romper. One at the top is ok. More than that and you've now entered hospital robe territory.

Only time will tell if I'll have some more romper triumph to show.

Until then, please enjoy this video, highlighting the King of the Jumpsuits (rompers).


flossieKNITS said...

I sew want to learn how to sew! Pun intentional.

Unknown said...

Super cute! Congratulations!

Julie said...

that romper looks awesome! I'm so glad that it worked out, and that your sewing machine knew not to mess with your dad!

Jane Richmond said...

I love your romper! It's super cute!!! I want one :)