Tuesday, August 22, 2006

FO - Legwarmers (Part 1)

Here are some recently completed legwarmers (possibly my favourite thing to knit). These ones were done in Noro Silk Garden 205. I loved teh colours so much that I just let them create the pattern :)

Oh yes, that yellow and white monstrosity in the background is a failed attempt at a striped blanket. It did get long enough, so I just cast of and turned it into a pillow case. A very sad, pathetic-looking pillow case...

Monday, August 14, 2006

FO - Prepster!

And finally, the Prepster jacket from the Happy Hooker book. My first crocheted garment. I made it from Wellington Fibre's hand-dyed yarn. It's a little itchy (I was enamoured by the colour and the fact that it was the perfect weight). It's very warm, so should come in handy this fall and winter.

FO Leaf T-shirt

This is my first big FO with cotton. It's not my favourite to knit with, and I was afraid it would turn out far too big, but it's actually an acceptable fit. The colour is fun too! I love the pattern: http://www.knittingschooldropout.com/patterns/updatedleaft.pdf

It was an incredibly easy pattern to follow, and I love wearing it! I used Bernat Cottontots in Lemonberry (the name is great). Very happy with this one. Now, to get to the 10 or 15 other UFOs....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Another Crafty Object

Here's another crafty experiment I've been working on. I bought some FIMO and decided I wanted cute sheep stitch markers. Unfortunately, the wire I used wasn't suited to be stitch-marker-material, so I just use this guy as a key chain. The experiments continue... I just have to find a more pliable material to act as a ring, that can be inserted into the FIMO before it gets baked, and so won't melt or burn.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

KTC Swap Package Arrives!

As my first swap, I've got to say this one is going to be hard to beat!
I got:
-some delicious loose leaf "Rosebud" Stash tea (I can't wait to try loose leaf!)
-2 skeins of my favourite yarn, Lorna's Laces in the colourway "Lucky Stripe"
-the book "The Eight" by Katherine Neville (looking forward to reading it!)
-a great little "My Favorite Books" notebook (I love notebooks)and
-eight, count 'em EIGHT bona fide amazing and very exciting vintage pattern books!

What a generous swap! I also got a great card with a photo of Sainte Chapelle on the front. What a beautiful top to a great surprise :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Flunked the De-Stash Test

I knew I couldn't wait until September, and even early September at that! That's too much to ask a knitter and yarnaholic.
So, my downfall happened when buying yarn for my swapee from GYS. I saw this great yellow, buttery coloured cotton, and had to have it for a terrific top-down raglan shirt. http://www.knittingschooldropout.com/patterns/updatedleaft.pdf
Far too tempting to save for later.
One downside: I seem to have gotten a bit of a knitting injury. At the base of my right thumb I have a bit of a bump, and it feels like a knotted muscle. Damn cotton! (I'll blame it on the cotton. I've never used it in large quantities before, and am finding it a bit cumbersome).