Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brave New Knits Book Giveaway

Today is the day!

PhotobucketBrave New Knits is on the bookshelves, and the author Julie Turjoman has kindly sent me a signed copy of the book to give away.

Just comment on this post to be entered in the draw.

I'll be doing the draw at 7:00 pm EST on Thursday.

Good luck to all!Photobucket

Friday, August 27, 2010

Indie Designer Day

Natalya Hat - on blogDesigner: Janneke
Blog: nog even nadenken
Rav ID: bloemenjansje
Some Great Designs:bloemenjansje's Rav Designer Page

It's a shame bloemenjansje only has three patterns posted - I'm intrigued by her diverse style.

First I'll point you to her Natalya Hat (pictured). This lovely piece makes great use of a bobbled cable pattern for a striking and stylish winter accessory.

Then there's her very cool Intrepid gloves. This piece has colourwork, flared cuffs, varying texture and picot edging. I really love her tendency towards a "medival style" in this garment.

Finally there's the whimsy that is Odobenoplasty. This piece (which you've gotta see, btw!) defies gravity with its grand walrus-like tusks. I'm sure you'd not complain of the cold with this knit on!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aw Shucks :)

PhotobucketQuick wee post today to point out the honour a good friend of mine has bestowed upon me:

A talented spinner and dyer, mousewife has named her latest yarnny creation after moi!

See pretty photo right, and flattering bloggy post here. I think my favourite part about this whole dealy1 is that she thinks of me when she sees these kickass colours.

You can check out her etsy shop here.

1Not sure why, but this post has a proliferation of Y endings to words. I guess I'm in a cutesy mood.
hardy har.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My City Rawks

PhotobucketI live in one of those cities with an unfortunate reputation. It's a very blue-collar kind of place; its historic growth and boom were based on industry. Specifically, steel.
My dad worked in a steel factory. So did both my grandfathers, and about four uncles. My brother works there now too.

This city was founded on hard, dirty work.
And that is why I really love the unlikely juxtaposition that is the vibrant, thriving and incredibly fun local art scene.
Hair Flower - on blog
A few years ago, when the wee gallery district was first up-and-coming, a monthly Art Crawl was begun. I've made it my mission to visit this fabulous event as much as possible.

The second Friday of every month sees all the galleries and shops open their doors; there's food, fun, openings, talks, performances and so many people to be seen.

Oh yes, and things to be bought!Photobucket

One of my new favourite places is a sweet shop called the White Elephant. Inspiration and beauty abounds here. Items from very cool leather work by Shoot From the Hip, to vintage clothing and housewares.
Browsing through their bounty of goodness made me realize I absolutely had to make myself a little stitched Ontario, as well as a cascade of felt flowers for my hair. Methinks there will be cascades of felt flowers in every colour, quite soon!

There's also the Maker's Market. In the good weather it's outside; you get to browse all sorts of handmade lovelies. Last time I got me some delicious-smelling lemon hand cream and a beeswax wall hanging (which scents my room with honey!).

That unfortunate reputation might be turned around by art. That's what I think.
I'm a great defender of my city - it's fabulous here. Come for a visit!
Art is the new Steel!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brave New Knits

PhotobucketLast December I got a wonderful and surprising dose of flattery.

Julie Turjoman1 messaged me on Rav and asked if I was interested in participating in her upcoming book, Brave New Knits.
You can imagine how much happy squee-ing went on. I don't think I've stopped since! (and, more on my design and happiness working with Julie on this project to come in future posts!)

My very own copy arrived in the mail just last week, and methinks there's a great number of projects that need to be knit by me!

Beautifully written, designed and photographed (by the greatly talented BrooklynTweed!), this book focusses on the impact the internet, blogging, Ravelry and other such wonderfulness has had on our yarnny craft.
Designers range from the lowly wee me to great new designers like the Yarniad and superstars like Ysolda and Connie Chang Chinchio.

Not only is there a diversity of designers and stories, there's a wide array of types of garments, from pretty little socks, to lovely shawlettes, scarves and loads of great sweaters.

It hits the bookstores on August 31.

1Check out Julie's site for links about the book, including the Brave New Knits Facebook Page, with info on the book tour, as well as her designer spotlights, where she updates what all the designers have been up to since the initial interviews for the book last year.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Kristin Alexandra
Blog: Voolenvine: Knitting and Design
Rav ID: voolenvine
Some Great Designs: voolenvine's Rav Designer Page

How totally cute is Vinelle (pictured right)? I can't believe this pattern's been out since April, and only has 28 projects! It's a lovely example of the top-buttoned cardi trend that's been raging in the pattern community for a while now.
The delicate texture seen in Vinelle is a great intro the Voolenvine's design aesthetic.

See her cute Hilde slouchy hat. I've recently developed a crush on twisted rib, and this pattern employs that stitch, along with a perfect wee willow-bud-cable, excellently.

Cozee is a bulky-weight, classic and amply warm-looking sweater. I love the button-up neck. This seems like a wonderful pattern to show off some very beautiful buttons :)

And, for something a little different, Voolenvine demonstrates her ability with colourwork in Sugar Plum Hat. I have to say, the multi-colour pom-pom rawks my world!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Dorota Maria Kowalczyk
Rav ID: devorgilla
Some Great Designs: dev
orgilla's Rav Designer Page

Mmmm.... cables....

This week's designer is absolutely fabulous with cables. Clicking on her designer page l ink given above will reward you with a huge array of designs.

Once you see them I'm sure you'll agree that it's something of a task to choose a favourite, but I've included a photo here of her Celtic Knot #4.

Truth be telt, I can't figure if my admiration for the scarf is heightened at all by the lurvely yarn colour she chose!
Under her designer page, you will also see six full patterns listed, all wonderful pairings for her classic and beautiful cables.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Sara Kucharik
Blog: The Yarndest Thing
Rav ID: Yarniv0re
Some Great Designs: Yarniv0re's Rav Designer Page and Rav Projects Page

I love coming across designers who are on the verge of something big.
And, with the creative talent shown by the Yarniv0re, I'm super excited to see what wonderful knits get published next!

Currently she's posted one pattern, the "Cushion the Fall" Cell Phone Cozy, a very cute yarnny "hug" for your favourite electronic gadget.

And yes, there's more!

A wealth of unpublished, lovely knits can be found on her Rav projects page, and I've included just a wee sampling here to show you her great work.

There's a couple versions of a pullover utilizing a fab honeycomb pattern, here listed as Honeycomb Raglan v.1 and Honeycomb Raglan v.2. Both these sweaters demonstrate a great understanding of attractive, wearable, classic and harmonious-looking knitwear. I particularly like the sleeve detail on each.

Also, check out her Belted Raglan Cardy. Again, a very classic looking piece, with a cool detail - the belt is woven through the waist ribbing (you can see a good pic of it if you scroll down the project page a tad).

Just one more: her Allover Aran 3/4 Sleeve. A seamless aran sweater? Yes, please!

Looking forward to any and all new designs!