Friday, July 26, 2013

Indie Designer Revisit

© A-Ko
Designer: Anna Kuduja
Blog: Lõngakera
Rav ID: kuduja
Some Great Designs: kuduja's Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: April 16, 2010

This designer has published so many great patterns since I first profiled her, that I'm gonna bullet-point it for ya:

-Tallinn Shawl
(pictured). This piece shows how talented kuduja is with creating interest from a set of simple shapes and textures. Plus, it's photographed beautifully! (thanks for the photo permission, A-Ko!)

-Hall hõlmik is a basic side-to-side cardigan, but looks so cool and interesting with its variety of texture and very wearable style.

-Magenta Wrap is really a loose and flowing cardigan, open at the front, and worked from the centre-back outwards. Simple yarn overs create interest in this wardrobe-staple kind of knit. I can see myself wearing it all the time!

-BFL-sweater is a pretty lace pullover. If you're looking for a solid, simple sweater pattern, check this one out!

To note: kuduja is a member of Artemis Adornments. If you're interested in reading more about them, see this link to their ravelry group.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer of the Romper!

I do declare this as the summer of the romper.


Here you see my romper #2. Or #3, if you count my crappy one from last year.
Anyhow, I always feel like I'm channeling my inner disco queen with these guys.

Up next: I swear, I have knitting to show. Soon.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Rebecca Shepler
Blog: Dusty Tree
Rav ID: dustytreeknits
Some Great Designs: dustytreeknits's Rav Designer Page

I really like profile very new designers!

This week's indie designer has but two pattern listed on ravelry, and both of them are certainly worth a peek!

First up is the Going Up Cowl (pictured). It might be the colour choices, and it might also be my love of cowls, but you've got to admit the colourwork there is interesting and pretty in its simplicity.

There's also her Raleigh Mitts. What this pattern shows is her ability to work with both colourwork (Going Up Cowl) and lace. Again, a prettily simple lace, in an attractive and functional design.

Certainly a designer to keep an eye on! I'm looking forward to seeing her next designs.

ETA: She's let me know of an idea she has brewing for a collection, which I think sounds fantastic!
It's focusing on short rows (which I love!) used in a variety of ways. She says, "The collection will include accessories (hat, shawls and mittens). I’m inspired by how my young kids are discovering new things in nature."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vacation Recap: Beach Time!

I've just spent a week away on a beach.
So yeah, it's been quite a thing to get back in the swing of real life. Especially when I'm writing up a vacation recap!

Here's some pics from the trip.

Excited at the airport!
Poolside laying. Yeah, there's a lot of these pics...
Oceanside laying!
What!? There were a bunch of pools!
Beach at early morning.

And now on to the drinks portion of the post!
Best Pina Coloada EVAR!
Mojito yum.
"Hey, you done with that fish or what?!"
So many of these little anoles running around!

Doggie buddies!
Beautiful museum in Havana.
This guy lived on the second floor.
Beautiful colours everywhere.
View from lunch on patio.
Cathedral of Havana.
Playground in Varadero.
Yay beach!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garden A-Growing

I've made it something of a habit in the last few years to document (what usually ends up being the failure of) my garden.

My first little community plot.
Exploits of the Evil Cat.
The PumpKings take over.
And they do it yet again.

So, to add to this list!

This is the second year I've had my very own backyard garden. I decided to expand it a bit from last year as well, to give ample, ample room for my butternut squash plant to colonize.

Planted this year was a scant few types: two different tomatoes, lettuce, butternut squash, and garlic. I have my strawberry and raspberry bushes well established, and my grape vines are coming along quite well!

So, this is probably where the garden gods look down upon me and blight my poor veggies for my assumption of good growth.

All remains to be seen!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swatchin' and Washin'

I got me some Eucalan Wrapture samples at TNNA in June, and was keen to try them out.  I've never used Eucalan before, sticking instead to my variety of Soak scents.

I thought it might be nice to give a nod to this one of several sponsors from Marly Bird's Designer Dinner, and review their generously donated product.

The Eucalan did the job well. My swatch blocked out nicely, and the scent of the Wrapture stayed with the knit.

My one caution would be for the scent-sensitive. It's quite a strong scent, (and as I sit here typing I can still smell it a bit on my hands from the soaking this morning).
Of course, not every scented product is to everyone's tastes, so if you're looking for a soft, clean, flowery-scented knit, then get thee some Eucalan Wrapture!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Michele Bernstein
Blog: pdxknitterati
Rav ID: pdxknitterati
Some Great Designs: pdxknitterati's Rav Designer Page

Do you dig cute shawls and scarves? If you do, you need to check out this week's designer, pdxknitterati.

Webfoot Shawl and Scarf is pictured here, and is the latest pattern from this designer. It's also quite representative of the great things about her work.  Her strength is the focus she has on this type of accessory, each and all very pretty, with pretty edgings, lace, and a hint of texture.

She has other types of knits too, like the dance of colour that is the Pippi Earflap Hat. This is the sort of design that works almost universally, on any age or gender. Simple geometric shapes, with a plethora of options when you throw in your preferred colours.

And there's also the Thrumbelina slippers. Cute and warm!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Vacay Away!

It's funny: I don't usually go away in the summer, and yet this year I'm continent-hopping like a mad duck1.

I'm off off and away on a beach vacation from July 7-14.
I've never been on a vacay like this before, so I'm interested to see how well it fares with me and my go-go-go-must-get-work-done-self.

So yes, if I don't reply to your email in a speedy manner, it's because I'm in some sort of internet black hole.

Happy summer everyone!

1Wouldn't a mad duck be cute?

Friday, July 05, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Ekaterina Blanchard
Blog: Katy Tricot
Rav ID: KatyTricot
Some Great Designs: KatyTricot's Rav Designer Page

I usually line up these Indie Designer Posts weeks, months, in advance. I'll write little notes for myself to aid in completing the post, and for this one, this sentence sums it up:

Mostly kids patterns, mostly hats, but so damn cute want for ME!

I think you'll agree. Whether you have a wee kiddie to knit for or not, KayTricot's work will make you smile and want to knit all the things!

They're all so cute, but I think my fave is Zaïka (pictured). Doesn't that look so comfy and cute? I love that texture and awesome shape, making it not only look interesting but I'm sure be very functional (looks like it hugs the shoulders and neck well, keeping that cold wind off your skin).

Another sweet knit is Frill Set. This is the best use of overall frill and ruching I've ever seen. Now, when I say that, you think "Hm, overall frills and ruching? That's can't possibly be good." But really, click on that link and see. It certainly works on these kids knits, but I'd argue it may work well for adults too.

Last I'll link to the super sweet Foxy & Wolfie. Fox face as hat. I'm just sayin'.