Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Great Nothern KAL: From Another Place Complete

Hooray! I've completed my own knit of Leah Coccari-Swift's From Another Place Crop Top.

This is one of the sweaters you can currently download, and will be available in the final print and digital copy of Great Northern.

For my own From Another Place top, I substituted a lighter weight yarn which meant I had some gauge math to do!

After I figured out the basic measurements I needed and mu own gauge, I matched those up with the closest size in the pattern that would give me those numbers.
That ended up being 4 sizes larger than I would have knit!

The yarn I used was Anzula's Dreamy, a lovely soft blend of yarn (and some stash diving success! This was some remnants from my Drift's Ridge sweater!)

I ran out of the contrasting colour near the very bottom, and so the ribbing there is about 1" shorter than written in the pattern. Which works out ok for me, since I'm shorter than the average bear, and my backwaist length is more like 15" than 16" (which is the standard for sizing).
Fun Fact: I'm standing in front of Liuna Station in Hamilton. This is the train station they blow up in the first X-Men movie.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

#GreatNorthernKAL: Cherry Pie Video

I thought it would be good to create some helpful tips and tutorials videos for my Great Northern patterns. First up is Cherry Pie.

Cherry Pie is a cozy colourwork sweater that includes a sewn zipper. Never installed a zipper before? No need to fear!
This is the first video in a set I'll be doing about selecting and installing a zipper into Cherry Pie (and really, you can use these tips for nearly any zipper install).

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Happy February; Happy KAL Day!

It's February!
Along with the pleasure of getting a new image to decorate my kitchen for the next 29 days, I'll be hosting THREE wonderful KALs over the coming weeks.

Come one, come all to the inaugural KAL for Great Northern! Leah and I are knitting each other's patterns and helping to guide others with KALs for Cherry Pie and From Another Place over the next 6 weeks.
I'll be posting tips and tricks for each week's goals every Monday.
Don't have your copy of Cherry Pie yet? Pick it up for just $6!
Happily, there's also a grand KAL for Holla Knits! All patterns are included, but I'm hosting two specifically. Bombshell shorts are the pattern that first got me hooked on Holla Knits, and if you can believe it, I've never even knit them before!
So this is my golden opportunity: get a super cool FO and spend time with you fellow cool kids and knit up some pretty cabled shorts.

Spring's almost here, and Lady Bat is a great addition to your warm weather wardrobe! There's so many great FOs of this pattern you can see on Rav, I'm sure I don't have to do much chatting here to convince you that it's a great knit.
Join us in the KAL!