Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nothing Says Cool Like a Well Organized Nail Polish Collection

photo2-7That's right, I called it a collection.
A functional, useable, living and thriving collection.

What you may not know about me is I'm something of a nail polish enthusiast. It's one of my ways of chilling out. You've got to sit still and concentrate to do your nails. I find it to be a great time-out from a day, nice way to unwind.

Also really great to indulge a few of my personal quirks.
Namely: attention to detail, fixation on colour, and an unending quest to organize everything within the controllable realm of my life.

I can't take credit for this particular organizational system. It was, in the main, one of my friend's ideas. But here I present it to you, just in case you too are a detail-oriented, organizationally-focused, nail polish enthusiast.

Making your Nail Polish Collection Functional

Define its space.
I went out and bought a bunch of small, clear plastic bins (with lids).
This: keeps the polish together, allows you to see what's in each box, and keeps them mostly dust-free. Especially when the only place you have to store your stash is under the bed.
With a guard lovebird.

Categorize and label.
Picked up some dollar-store small white labels and a sharpie. The numbering system goes from 100 (red) all the way up to 800 (brown) and 900 (top/base coats, sheers, etc...)
Within each colour you can then number 100, 101, 102 and so on, grouping like-colours together.


Create the book.
I love a good blank notebook. I counted out my polish and spaced out the tabs according to the collection size.
Each wee label has two dabs: one shows the "in the bottle" colour, and one is a swipe to show what one coat of the polish will give you.
The book also has space for notes, like "goes on very thin" or "crackle polish".


Enjoy your categorizing!


Michelle said...

It's like the Dewey Decimal System for nailpolish! Someone should write a book about this.

mel said...

You're basically amazing. Like the most organized awesometown ever! I love this idea and totally want to surprise my sister by doing hers for her (would be a wicked birthday surprise!)

Teresa said...

Thanks so much Mel, I blush! I think organizing your sister's polish stash would be an AWESOME birthday surprise.

And Michelle, I can only aspire to the greatness of a categorization system like Dewey. I thank you greatly for the comparison!