Friday, July 20, 2012

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Michele DuNaier
Rav ID: MADuNaier
Some Great Designs: MADuNaier's Rav Designer Page

I'm going to do something a little different this week.

First off, this designer works mainly in crochet. See the beautiful and seasonally-appropriate Dahlia - A Summer Cardigan, pictured here.

Second, MADuNaier has kindly provided me with some great insight into her process, motivations, background and aspirations.

Read here below; but don't forget to follow the link above to see her other wonderful patterns available on ravelry.

" grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was about 8 or 9, but I didn’t quite get the hang of it until I was in my 20’s. She was quite an “expert amateur.” Back in the old country she was exempt from manual farm labor because she could knit an entire thigh-length stocking in an afternoon.

I am a much better crocheter than knitter (see the Notes in my “First Love” pattern. My crochet patterns are consequently much more popular, so I have been fooling around mostly with my “first love” (crochet) for the last few months.

I have somehow managed to produce 19 patterns in about 15 weeks since I began March 27, 2012. Not quite sure how that happened, but when I worked in software design it was the same thing: doing-something-I-loved-as-fast-as-I-could. (I guess I am rather obsessive…)

The more I design, the more ideas I get. Each design spawns about 3 or 4 more ideas. Despite being a rapid crocheter/designer, I still can’t keep up with my ideas, which is very frustrating.

I have to thank my Rav friend/editor/test-crocheter, EffinEffie, who patiently listens to my design ideas and blathering, is willing to read anything I write, and test-crochet just about anything I dream up.

My goals are to keep designing, start a blog, get a website with my BFF, LDearie (another Rav designer), and maybe get a few things published. Maybe even a book… Give me time, it’s only been 3 1/2 months!"

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