Thursday, July 27, 2006

WIP - Dorothy Bear

Here is another current WIP, my "Wizard of Oz" Dorothy bear. Her dress still has to be completed, and I'm thinking of adding a basket (and depending on how crazy I am at the time, possible Toto too). I've also knitted and stuffed the bodies for the Wicked Witch and Scarecrow. They're on hold right now because I'm knitting up bears for others and desperately trying to de-stash. (I've got to say, I'm very proud of the puffed sleeves - I've never designed bear clothes before, and they turned out well!)

Another FO

Though I finished this sweater in March, it hasn't made it to the blog yet! Here it is:

It was made from Lamb's Pride Worsted in Aubergine, Spice, Orange-You-Glad and Sunburst Gold. The colours didn't come out great in the pics, and I've got to say the intarsia isn't as good as I'd like, but it was my first attempt at big-time intarsia. I haven't had much of a chance to wear it yet, but this winter it's gonna be a regular :)

The front is just plain, and the wings are my own drawing. Another thing about the sweater - it's my own design too. I've learned a few things making it, which will hopefully come in handy for the next time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Continuing Search for my Ene's Scarf Yarn...

The people at Fleece Artist (namely, Kathryn) are phenomenal!
As I left off on my last post re: this topic, the FeatherYourNest people said they would get back to me about the possibility of Fleece Artist re-dying their yarn to match my sample. Well, it seems that they've altered their spinning process, and the skein I purchased was the old style, and, so concerned are Fleece Artist that I get a well-matching skein, they're checking their old stock to see if they have any left!
How wonderful!
I should hear back about the 'old skein' search by early next week...
I'm so excited!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So I've decided I want a cultural exchange...

The site has enticed me to sign up and start trading goods with people!
This is such a great idea.
Here is a list of things I'd be interested in swaping:
-arts/crafts goodies like fabrics, knitting notions (stitch markers, needles, patterns, magazines, books, anything really!)
-yarn, especially (I love the stuff! no really preferences as to what type, but something made somewhere other than north america would be nice)
-teas (and anything to do with them, really)
-jams/crackers/candy, all sorts of sweets!
-I use stationary of all sorts, so that would be great
-soaps/lotions/bath stuff (I'm not allergic to anything nor do I have any objections to any particular scents)
-as for clothes/accessories: handbags/purses, scarves, socks (I love socks, and have fairly little feet).
-and get creative! I'd be happy with any sort of surprise I get :)
-As for other random stuff about me: I love birds (as you may have guessed by my screen name) in particular canaries, but all little singing birds that look they they do.

As for what's on offer from me: just email me and let me know what you'd like - I'll search it out for you!

Thanks all for looking!

email: canarysanctuary at yahoo dot com

Monday, July 17, 2006

FOs - Clapotis

When I saw this pattern on, I fell in love with it. This one was made with 7 and a bit skeins of Noro Silk Garden colour #47:
It turned out to be quite large, but that's what happens when you don't gauge swatch :o

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Book Review: "Stitch n' Bitch Nation"

Book Review: "Stitch n' Bitch Nation" by Debbie Stoller.

Stoller strikes again with another great knitting book. With even more projects than her first book (more in number, more challenging and more interesting), "Stitch n' Bitch Nation" doesn't disappoint. I can only repeat my adoration here as for her first knitting book.


On a slightly related note, here is the link to corrections for Stoller's books
"Stitch n' Bitch: A Knitter's Handbook"
"Stitch n' Bitch Nation" and
"Stitch n' Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker"

Book Review: "Stitch n' Bitch"

Book Review: "Stitch n' Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook" by Debbie Stoller

My love of knitting began with this book. I was always a crafty/artsy sort of person, and so naturally drawn to knitting I decided to teach myself (and truly, I was living under a rock and entirely unaware of the "knit-revolution" going on around me). I came across this book, with it's clear instructions, helpful illustrations and projects geared towards learning (and a few with rather instant knit-gratification). I was in love.
I've made many of the projects from this book (and Stoller's others as well). It's a great introduction to the knitting world, if at this point getting slightly dated (I know, I know, it's only 2 years old, but the times are moving fast!)
I haven't come across a more fun, clear and interesting introductory book to knitting than this. Definately a great starter for any knitter-in-training!

Book Review: "The Happy Hooker"

Book Review: "Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker" by Debbie Stoller

Perhaps I love this book because I learned to take my first baby steps into knitting from the
Stitch n' Bitch series. I find the teaching method to be clear and concise (if you look past the silly wording - I suppose it's trying to be 'hip') and the illustrations very helpful. The projects are also very well suited to learning: there are your basics (like the "One Skein Scarf" - my first forray into crochet) your not-so-basics (like the "Sweet Pea Shawl" - my second project from the book) and the stunningly beautiful yet slightly challenging projects (like my very recently completed "Prepster" jacket). I really love how eachc pattern includes the yarn weight - that makes for very easy substitutions (the only time I've ever knit something with the suggested yarn was the "One Skein Scarf", got to love that Paton's Classic Wool!)
All in all, a great book from which to learn crochet - can't wait for the next one, Ms. Stoller!

Helpful Yarn Stores

I wondered if they existed, until I worked with "Feather Your Nest"

Here is the sad, sad yarn saga:
Over a year ago I fell in love with a yarn that I bought in Romni Wools in Toronto. It was a Fleece Artist, Kid Silk 2-Ply in oranges and yellows. Beautiful. I had no particular project in mind, but bought it anyway.

Just this winter, I decided I was going to make it into "Ene's Scarf" from Scarf Style, got about halfway through the pattern, and disaster! I ran out of the lovely yarn! The project was coming along so well too, and I was so looking forward to wearing it that winter.

Of course, this was certainly my fault - one of the rules is you HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH YARN TO FINISH A PROJECT - heartbreak ensues if you don't!

So, I began a desperate search for the stuff: I went to Fleece Artist, they said they weren't directly selling to customers anymore. Then I looked up all the stores that carry Fleece Artist in Ontario. Most didn't respond to my emails or didn't have the right yarn.

Then I encountered the great people at Feather Your Nest.

She totally sympathized with my plight, and mailed off (what I thought was the right coloured) yarn right away. I received it just 2 days after I emailed them!

But oh, the saga doesn't end there...

I opened the package only to find that I had chosen the wrong colourway! Feather Your Nest offered to return it, but I said I loved that colour anyway. Then, she offered to send a sample of my sought-after yarn to Fleece Artist themselves for colour matching. This is a pic of the WIP and incorrect yarn colour that I ordered:

Sweet! Progress, and a possible happy ending!

I mailed off the sample to Feather Your Nest in May... they sent it to Fleece Artist... I waited... Now it's been over a month and a half, and I decided to email Feather Your Nest back and see if they had heard anything yet. They emailed be back the next day and said that they had just phoned Fleece Artist - they're behind in their work, and so had only just gotten to my colourway. Feather Your Nest told me that I'll hear back about it by July 19th. Here's to hoping!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dog Sweaters

And here are the dog sweaters - so fun to make! I love this yarn too, it's Bernat Satin.
Lefty Sweater 1 - on Blog

Retro 1940's Sweater

Here's a great retro sweater I made from Lorna's Laces, colours Daffodil and Charcoal. I added about 2 inches to the length, but it was still very short! Next time I make it, it'll have to be extended about another 2 inches!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Lastest FO

I love my most recent FO so much that I have to gush:

the girl at "Peony Knits" posted her version of an Anthropologie-inspired capelet for FREE on her website (as well as Here's the link to her page:

I never thought I was a shrug/capelet sort of girl, but this project has proven me wrong! It's so gorgeous, I've received numerous complements on it already. Since my working environment is very well air conditioned, such an item comes in useful, even in the summertime.
Mine looks just like hers in the photo. I didn't use Rowan Polar (because I couldn't find it at the store - Michaels - and I was so excited to make the pattern that I just grabbed the best substitute I could find). Mine is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in the colour 'Fisherman'. I luckily had a cute pin to use as a closure at the top (an ebay purchase of a little bee - I love bees!)

So, in conclusion! If anyone is looking for a great, quick-knit shrug/capelet, this is the one for you!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Paris Knitting

A dream of mine would be knitting while sitting in the morning light, streaming in through the beautiful stained glass windows of Sainte Chapelle in Paris. Now, the knitting part is new, but ever since I first heard of the existance of this chapel, I knew I had to go there.

I've realized I just can't get any older and not go to Europe. The plans are in motion for me to go in the spring of 2007. I want to pack as lightly as possible, and so hauling knitting gear around just isn't an option (...or is it?) :)

My boyfriend said "you won't be knitting there, will you?" He's rather sick of it, seeing as how the craft has hijacked my life since I started about 2 years ago. He pretty much suffers it in silence, but I know he has a point about not knitting while there. I don't want to miss anything.


Knitting has this magical quality of absorbing the atmosphere around it, and I'd love to have a garment/item with Paris infused into it! Quite the dilemma, I must say.