Monday, August 31, 2015

Beach House KAL: Week 4

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For this fourth and final week, let’s aim to get the Front and Finishing completed.

The front just takes using your mesh stitch flat skills that are well established by now, and keeping track of your neckline decreases.
By the time you’re done those front panels, you’ll have two sets of stitches that need grafting together.
Here’s a video AND photo tutorial on the Kitchener stitch (aka grafting) from Knit Picks.

And finally, there’s those fun instructions to “block aggressively”. I’m not kidding! You did, of course, do this same thing to your swatch, so you know why this is an integral step.
And we’re done!

Please share your Beach House FOs! I’d love to see how you’re styled this versatile crop top.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Indie Designer Revisit

Designer: Boo Knits
Rav ID: Boo-Knits
Some Great Designs: Boo-Knits' Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: January 13, 2012

Three and a half years ago I wrote about how this month's revisited designer has "floating, dancing, ephemerally gorgeous lace". True then, true now. Check it out:

One of her most recent designs is Chasing Rainbows (pictured), and perfectly exemplary shawl demonstrating that floating, lovely, lacy aesthetic of hers. This design is part of the 4-pattern Dream Collection, and features a wide crescent shape and beading.

Then there's MORTICIA, another lacy shawl, but one I wanted in particular to point out to you because I really dig the appearance of lace dripping off the edges of the knit. It was originally released as a Halloween Mystery KAL a couple years ago.

And if MORTICIA is any indication, you might want to get in on her current MKAL, Voodoo. If lace and MKALs are your thing, then I'd say Boo Knits is a safe bet for a happy knit experience! The first clue will be sent out on October 1.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Holla Knits Mini Collection Competition: Round 2!

 photo HKMiniComp220_zpsszsllcyn.jpg 
I'm excited to announce that I've made it through to Round 2 of the Holla Knits Mini Collection Competition! 

Eight FOUR designers enter:
only TWO are victorious!

This is a competition where 8 designers have created proposals that YOU get to vote on.
Two of these proposals will be produced in the Spring Holla Knits issue.

Round 1 has seen half of the participants eliminated and now, the remaining 4 are competing for the 2 winning spots.

AND, I can now reveal to you all which of the submissions was mine!

It's the 1970s Modern one!
Heh, seemed obvious to me, but did you guess?

You can read more about my submission and VOTE FOR ME here.

Handmade Fashion Challenge: Knit Crop Top Done!

I'm ticking along with my own handmade fashion challenge fairly well! I outlined the four pieces I want to make, and have completed one!

It's the knit crop top, and I started and completed it (actually, I knit two of them!) on my vacation earlier this month.
This is a pattern that I'm hoping to publish next year as the perfect crop top.

I used some fantastic leftover Zauberzeug sock weight in a Neon Tigerlily gradient. (The original design this was used on is set to be published within the next couple months!)

The temperature were sliiiightly cooler today; gets my heart ready for when they really drop and I can start to wear this top!

Remember to share YOUR handmade fashion challenge pieces on instagram with the hashtag #hmfc2015.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Great Northern: Kickstarter Incentives

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With the Kickstarter coming so soon, I wanted to share a few more of the exciting incentives Leah and I have gathered!
This is just a sneaky sneak peek including some of the goodies produced by talented Twin Peaks fans on Etsy.

Only 2 weeks til the Kickstarter beings!! If you're interested in grabbing some of these incentives, swing by early!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Beach House KAL: Week 3

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For this third week, let’s aim to get the Upper Back completed. This includes instruction from “Upper Back” all the way to the end of the “Back Neck Short Rows”.

Last week’s row upon row of mesh stitch might have been relaxing (or boring!). This week will definitely mix it up!

  • First up, you’re going to be working flat from now on, so make sure you’re referring to the correct mesh stitch instructions.
  • Second, you’re going to start creating that super fun V of garter stitch across the shoulders. This is done by working one more stitch on each side of the V in garter each row. Make sure you keep track of that V in whatever way makes the most sense to you. You can use stitch markers, write down the stitches in each section, or even do it by eye alone (if you’re SUPER good at reading your knitting).
  • Once you get through that garter stitch V, you’ll be creating the pleat. You can check out this photo tutorial from Classic Elite to see some images of how your pleats will look while you’re working them. All that stitch folding might get confusing! 
  • And then finally, to end off this week, there’s the Back Neck Short Rows. By now you’re a total Beach House short row pro, so these puppies should be old hat!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Valentina Strokina
Blog: Danale. Knitwear.
Rav ID: ValentinaS
Some Great Designs: ValentinaS' Rav Designer Page

A gentle, quiet grace infuses all of Valenina's designs.

Fragrance of Meadows (pictured) is her most recent pattern and one of my favourites. A seamless, top-down garment using the contiguous method, this piece is one that is great for the warm weather and also fab for the cooler temperatures. Just imagine layering it over a tee or longer sleeved shirt! Vests are way in for the fall.

Wings has a wonderfully graceful drape and simple shape. I love that the pattern comes with three options for neck and armhole finishing and is a seamless knit.

Finally I wanted to show you Senoir Angler. This design has a fantastic use of simple knit purl textures to create an interested, cozy looking finished sweater.

FYI: Valentina currently has a summer sale for 40% off patterns in her Ravelry shop. It's on until the end of August!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Crafty Cuban Vacay

You'd have to know that no matter where I go, what vacation takes me away, I'd absolutely be crafting!
I've just returned from a week's vacation in Cuba. So hot, so beautiful, and so perfect for wearing new handmades as well as working on even newer ones!

I made a couple of pairs of Purl Bee Gym Shorts before I went.

I also paired my second pair of new gym shorts with my even newer sample of Beach House!

I was also busy stitching away on my Kiriki Press embroidery.

I met a dolphin. No biggie! :)

And I got up to a bunch of new knitting! See a peek here. I'll be publishing this new pattern next year.
Hope you're having a great summer too!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Great Northern: The Log Lady

The Log Lady. She's likely to be on many Twin Peaks fans' favourite character list.
This character is a woman named after her unusual quirk. Well, she does have a real name, but does anyone know her by Margaret Lanterman? Nope. It's the Log Lady.

My log has something to tell you.

Her log acts as a tool for her clairvoyance. Her log "sees" things, and holds secrets about the events in Twin Peaks. She is a channel for the knowledge accessed from the log. She doesn't interpret, only repeats. She has a fascinating back story, and is indeed recognized by some people in the town for her spiritual abilities.

I was always glad to see her appear on screen. She'd always either have some intriguing clue, or a ridiculousness of some sort that I thought was funny.

I do not introduce the log. Can you hear it?

Or, in fact, she would have some sort of fantastic knitwear on. She's great for knit-watching. In fact, she appears multiple times on this list of the top 118 sweaters shown on Twin Peaks. She's so captivating, in fact, that she's inspired TWO sweaters for the Great Northern collection. Leah and I are both totally into our own Log Lady sweaters.

Want to make this book a reality? Please back our Kickstarter and keep up to date with our newsletter!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Beach House KAL: Week 2

For this second week, let’s aim to get the Body completed.
Compared to all those short rows last week, this week’s instructions are a breeze! You’re just going to maintain the stitches you have on the needle for the length indicated.

If you want to add/subtract length from your Beach House, this would be an ideal place to do it. Beach House’s length is calculated based on your back waist length measurement. You can see the CYCchart used to guide the sizing here, and see if this length is one that you’ll be happy with for your own Beach House.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Indie Designer Day

© ElenaMadsenDesigns
Designer: Elena Madsen
Rav ID: haekleri
Some Great Designs: haekleri's Rav Designer Page

Make way for crochet! I love this designer's work. Check out three of my favourites:

Her most recently designed piece is Peplum Shell Symphonie (pictured). I love how this piece is designed in pieces so that you can easily alter it to suit your tastes. Just taking a quick peek at some of the FOs shows you that it can be strapless, have capped sleeves, a blousy waist, a fitted waist, and oh my! That peplum! I love it. Seems like the perfect little piece for the beach.

As you all know I'm generally a fan of the bold and unusual. Or at least, the statement-making. And how better to make a statement than with that staple of the boldly fashionable lady's wardrobe, the poncho. Warm November is a wee crocheted poncho, one that works up quickly and is easy to follow.

Lastly, check out these sweet little One Moment Slippers. They look cozy, comfortable, and totally cute.

Check out her IG feed and hop on over to her FB page!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Great Northern: Design Profile #3

I'll be talking a bit more about why I like Maddy's character in a few weeks. But for now, I wanted to share with you all a little bit about the design I've drawn from her wardrobe for Great Northern.

One of my major goals in creating this collection was to give Twin Peaks fans, and even knitters who weren't (aren't yet??) Twin Peaks fans, items that they would be excited to knit and wear.
I know there's nearly nothing that gets me more excited in the knit world than a design that balances boldness and wearability.

In the image above you see Maddy, in her sneakiest of sneaky outfits, sneaking out of the Palmer's house to do some sleuthing. You've gotta know that fabulous fringed delight around her shoulders caught my eye.

From this scene I immediately knew I wanted to create something spunky, fun, and fringed. Something that draws on the spirit of Maddy, with youthful energy and a bold element or two, but that's balanced with equal counts of the subdued to achieve something attractive and wearable. Enter the asymmetric, textural, fringed, mini poncho!

With strong elements like that, I wanted to balance them out with a soft, neutral-coloured yarn. Something that would add to the interesting texture without overwhelming it; something that would look fantastic in fringe, and something that would complement any number of outfits you'd style it with.

Enter Knits in Class and her fabulous hand-dyed bulky twist yarn. MAN, look at the twist on that! It's such a lovely, gentle colour. Something I can absolutely see Maddy wearing on her sneakiest of sneaky sneaks out of the Palmer's home.

The Kickstarter is coming soon! Let us tell you when it launches by signing up for the newsletter.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Beach House KAL: Week 1

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Let’s kick off this KAL!
Beach House is a multi-technique pattern, but it’s still a really quick knit.
Worked up on larger-than-average needles, you end up with a fabric that (especially after blocking!) is super light and airy.

To help you keep on track, there’ll be a new post published every week, giving you a goal to aim for and some helpful hints.

For this first week, let’s aim to get the Bottom Edge Short Rows completed.

Already you can see from the name of the section we’re completing here, it’s short rows!

  • If you’ve never worked short rows before, there is an excellent tutorial in the Summer 2015 issue of Holla Knits (yes! The one Beach House is in!). Otherwise, there are plenty of resources you can consult, including this video tutorial from Knit Picks.
  • You may also find the mesh repeats a bit unusual: They do indeed begin the first row with a YO. But I promise, it’ll work out in the end!
  • And it may be helpful to note: when working the first few instructions, they read as “Work Row 1 of Mesh Stitch Flat, work next…..” If that line is confusing to you at all, try reading it as “WorkING Row 1 of mesh Stitch Flat, work next….”
Happy knitting everyone!
Here you see my own Beach House at the end of the Bottom Edge Short Rows Section