Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cheese Dreamin; Or, I Get All Scientific & Stuff. Cheddar.

I was really looking forward to this part of my cheese/dream study. Cheddar is (probably) my favourite cheese (but don't make me choose).

What the study said:
Cheddar -eating participants tended to dream of celebrities, ranging from the participant’s family sitting in a pub with Jordan, to a Glaswegian old firm football match with Gazza and Ally McCoist. Ashley from Coronation Street also featured, as did the cast of Emmerdale - and one lucky girl helped to form a human pyramid under the supervision of Johnny Depp.

Cheese I ate: Perron 7 year old Cheddar, Raw Cow's Milk, from Quebec
My Score: Definitely cheese!
While my dream was, yet again, filled with the glorious assault of random oddness (notes I made in my just-awake stupor include "museum wrecked, riding the bus, people disappearing into washing machines, watching a movie and - my favourite - made eggs and they were getting dry"), part of that "riding the bus" bit had me sitting a few seats down from Kanye West.
This is weird, but I think it might be because I just watched that episode of South Park with the "gay fish" joke.

Next cheese: Brie.

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Meredith MC said...

That's hilarious!