Friday, July 27, 2012

Indie Designer Revisited

PhotobucketDesigner: Elizabeth Wolden
Blog: Cotton Gin and Tonic
Rav ID: BethWolden
Some Great Designs: BethWolden's Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: October 1, 2010

Last time I profiled this designer I wrote that I "I love love love (times three, that is. To the factor of awesome!) the whimsy in her designs."

That is so still true.

Check it:

Henrietta Maria Cardigan.
How cute is that? It's polished and adorable, retro and wearable. And, I must say, styled wonderfully in the pattern pics.
The prospect of learning to properly embroider on knitted fabric is made much less intimidating (at least, to me) if I have this beauty as an FO in sight!

Featured in last October's Knit Magazine, the Anne of Bohemia pullover is a beautiful, simply-cut sweater with gorgeous, tapestry-like colourwork detail at the neckline.

She's also published an ebook with men's patterns. The Old Rice Hotel Cap is part of this book. It's a great combination of her fanciful style applied to a men's (or unisex) knit. The very handsome woven plaid brim makes me think there's hope for my holiday knitting list: maybe I can knit something my brother would actually like to wear!

And for the sheep fans out there, BethWolden has the pretty Meta Set. A pair of mitts and hat decorated with lovely lovely sheep colourwork!

Check out her blog: she's got some really awesome lino cuts on there. Fab knitting art.

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LOVE it. Thanks for the introduction