Monday, July 30, 2012

Pumpkin and Squash Invade; Or, I Totally Should Have Learned This By Now

Gardening update!
Just a quickie, I promise.

Firstly, what the hell, man?!

See those vines? That's a grand total of one pumpkin plant and one butternut squash plant. Holy creeping crap.

I'm super stoked that they're so happily growing. I'm a little concerned that they'll:
1) take over and kill the neighbour's garden. And cat (though the Orange Cat of Strawberry Death totally has it coming to him) and maybe even my neighbour. Them's some powerful pumpkins.

2) the new nemesis, the cucumber beetle, will decide one night to just demolish the whole thing. Then you'll get this horrible image of me, on my knees in sorrow, crying out with arms raised, "you evil insects from hell!"

3) my oh-so-clever idea of growing them vertically will fail catastrophically, and I'll just end up with under-ripe fruit falling from the vine and making me supersad.

This is not news. It totally happened last year too.

But then there's the garlic!


This stuff is drying out. I'm hoping to have a great little garlic braid to show off in a few weeks, fingers crossed.


Meredith MC said...

Home grown garlic always makes me really happy too!

Jane Richmond said...

Ooooo, very jealous of your garlic harvest. I've never grown it but buy fresh garlic at farmers markets every chance I get. The difference from store bought is incredible!