Thursday, March 31, 2011

This Month's Words; Or, Here's My March Wrap Up

So today brings an official end to my Post-A-Day challenge for March.
I did it! Hoorah!
(though I quibble within myself as to whether or not I've cheated by making this last post simply a "yeah! I done it!" celebration....)

The image above is from Wordle - a cool little tool to make an artistic layout of your bloggy word usage. I'm happy to see so many of these words painting a positive picture!

Hope you all had a great March. It's a grey, rainy day out - heralding the upcoming season. I've always been a fan of the rain, and now it turns my mind to that wee garden plot that's mine! all mine! oh so very soon :)
All the various and sundry tidbits you've seen me post about this month, I'll keep you updated on them. I have ambitious plans for this year! There's a surprise or two in store.
I'll share real soon. I swears.

For now, here's what my Thursday brings:

-a regret that I've left my umbrella at home! (and it's a really cool one, linky here)
-watching a new set of BBC loveliness, Victorian Kitchen Garden. It's way retro, and so very neato.
-continuing my obsession with and additions to Pinterest. So many beautiful things and innovative ideas, so little time! (thanks to all those helpful readers who pointed me in the direction of this site!)

How about you?

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