Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Very Civilized Valentine's Tea

PhotobucketI remember when Valentine's Day was a celebration of wee chocolate hearts, red-construction-paper-based crafting and cute little pop-out perforated Valentines featuring the day's latest and greatest cartoon characters.

I miss those days!

One of the down sides of being a grown up is that you lose some fun activities of childhood.

But, one of the bonuses of age? You get to do whatever you want. You can throw a Valentine's Tea party, if the fancy catches you!

And indeed it did.

This year I had a bunch of friends over, and we gorged on delicious bittie sandwiches, teeny scones, a mini cheesecake and loads of other wonderful treats.

Here you see some of the spread, all laid out and waiting for ravenous knitters-turned-tea-party-goers.

One of the fun little things I baked for the day were some one-bite sugar cookies. According to Martha, I should have been able to stamp cute little letters on top of the royal icing, but Martha I am not, and lo, the stamping did not work.
Here you see them pre- and post-icing. That part was superfun.
Awesome-icing-sauce, in fact!

And so begins my post-a-day efforts for March! I've got a bunch of other ideas all lined up, and I'm excited to share all the goings-on round these parts.


And, should the mood strike you to blog surf, here are some others planning to blog more in March:
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To the bloggers: please let me know if I've misquoted any info here!


Kathleen Dames said...

Looks yummy (I particularly like the blue hearts)! I forgot to mention that I've decided to blog over at kathleendames.blogspot.com from now on - there is a link to it on Purly but thought you should know :) Now that you've put my name up there I have to blog every day, don't I? ;)

Laura ( Flours and Fibers) said...

I feel the pressure now too! But I'm totally up for the challenge. Thanks for the shout out!

Julie said...

oh wow, this looks like it was an amazing time!! what a great valentines thing to do.