Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Plot my Plot; Or, Wheeee! I Get to Garden!

There's a sordid past of plant murder on this blog.

As has been my claim, it's not me! It's my north-facing balcony.

So, with little hope of acceptance, I joined the süber long waiting list for my community garden last autumn. Hundreds of names were ahead of me.

*le sigh, methoughts, I suppose I just wasn't meant to plant and tend and harvest.

But lo!

At the beginning of March I got a joyous email, approving me for a plot this year. Huzzah!

Much of March has been devoted to me cramming as much as I can into my brain about gardening. I've picked brains, read articles and gone a-purchasing.

I bought several types of seeds (vegetable, flower and herb) from this website.

Wish me luck! I want no more herbicide attached to my name!


lilirious said...

awesome! I love gardening but I'm stuck with a 1x1m balcony on the third floor... :P

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your plot, grow what you love and don't worry: most gardeners like to have their brains picked!

Ilix said...

That is fantastic news! I can't wait to see what you grow!