Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty Gallopavo; Or, I Have My Giant Pom Pom (at last!)

Pretty Gallopavo - on blog

Pattern: Pretty Gallopavo (download now)
Yarn: madelintosh Vintage
Needles: 5mm circs and dpns

Pretty Gallopavo - on RavAs the title implies, I've been hankering for a huge pom-pomed-knit for quite some time now.
Years ago I bought a Giant Pom Pom maker, and have at long last put it to good use. (believe it or not, this is only the second largest size said pom pom maker can produce. It even goes up to 5"!)

The idea for this knit came (mostly) from the lovely yarn. And the title? While gallopavos aren't particularly pretty, they certainly have wonderful plumage!

The madelinetosh Vintage is beautiful for this knit, for all the reasons you would expect tosh to be beautiful. But, I found, upon snipping all those ends for the pom pom, the yarn does this other real cool thing: the inner core is a lighter green than the outer, and seems to almost glow.
I tried to get a good pic of the prettiness... and have failed :(
Enjoy, for those last few cool days we have. The hour's changed, Spring is coming, and I have many more patterns brewing!


Julie said...

that hat is so pretty!!I have a thing for that sort of olive green shade. How cool is the yarn?! Must be the special way it's been dyed. Very cool! Looking forward to your new projects!

LittleCanoe said...

I love this hat design, and the color is sooo gorgeous. I added this to my list. I could probably squeeze another hat in before it gets warm!

Hilary said...

A giant pom! That's freaking awesome. What a gorgeous hat design...aside from the awesomeness that is the pom, the stitch pattern is so, so pretty. And that yarn...YUM.