Friday, April 01, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Linda Skuja
Blog: eleven
Website: Eleven Handmade
Etsy Shop: Eleven Handmade
Rav ID: LindaBelinda11
Some Great Designs: LindaBelinda11's Rav Designer Page

There's many-a-time that I've heard crochet poo-pooed. The prejudice against this fibrey craft seems to be rather deep rooted and strong.
While I admit I've seen my fair share of toilet paper cozies, unnecessarily silly doll dresses and (the sometimes unsettling) holiday "decoration", I think you'll agree with me when I say that this week's designer casts away all doubt that crochet can be beautiful!

Check out her Bolero sweater with high collar (picture © Linda Skuja). I love fun and interesting pieces like this. The collar is fantastic; the shape is functional (cause I can't tell you how often my arms are colder than the rest of me!) and the lace is wonderfully understated.

A free pattern, Cardigan by eleven, is a prefect way to use crochet to great effect. The undulous structure and openwork natural to this craft adds interest to the piece; when the cardigan is belted, it exudes a casual chic that is both cozy and attractive.

Finally, for a bit of cool retro fun, check out her Hoodie by Eleven. The shell stitch and other variations, along with colour changes, make this a throw-it-on statement piece. I love the hood, the length is perfect, the U-shaped neckline dips down to just the right depth - I could go on!

So, did my attempts at a persuasive argument work? I certainly hope so - this crochet is beautiful!

But, before I go: there's been plenty this designer has been up to since I first asked to profile her! Here are some recent pieces of news:

-she's been nominated for the 3rd Annual Crochet Award as a best new crochet designer! Good luck!
-she's become a member of Crochet Guild of America; they have a design contest in September which she'll be participating in
-she's recently opened a brand-spanking-new etsy shop! Check out the link at the top of this post
-in a wonderful bit of designing delight, she's created a multi-purpose, multi-wear piece of crochet, Transformer4in1. This piece is a hood, cowl, scarf and shrug all in one! Check out her blog post here to see how she devised this fantastic design!


Julie said...

oooh, gorgeous!! I actually really love crochet, probably because I don't know how to do it so it seems a bit mysterious! her patterns are stunning.

Ilix said...

Very cute! Oh my, thanks for the tip!