Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Heart the BBC

Are you:

-a history nerd? (hehe, an history nerd?)
-looking for something cool to watch?

Then seek no further. I have something for you!

You may or may not have heard of the excellent series Victorian Farm. I watched it, I loved it. See the series, linked here below.

It's a way awesome show that spans a whole year, with archaeologists and historians living on a farm, everything period sourced and appropriate.

But, I've just recently discovered a sequel, Edwardian Farm. Also way cool!

And, for those who are interested in historic medicine, there's also the Victorian Pharmacy.


Unknown said...

While not quite as dramatic, Colonial Williamsburg ( is pretty neat, too. I go to the College of William and Mary, which is right across the street from CW (and students get free admission), so I spend plenty of time there!

Anonymous said...

Exactly the type of thing I'm looking for, thank you! I watched Colonial House and Frontier House, and really enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much finding this. My husband and I really love watching these type shows! It was funny as I was watching the first episode of the Victorian Farm he happened to be watching the Victorian Pharmacy on TV. lol
See you on Tuesday

Sarah said...

I found the Farm series' a couple of months ago and LOVED them! Thanks for posting the Pharmacy. There goes my productivity for the day . . .

Kathleen Dames said...

Ooh, can't wait to spend some time with these!

Anonymous said...

FYI, although a bit late: there is an earlier series called Tales from the Geen Valley (BBC 2005) aka "Tudor Farm" with the same historians etc.