Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Oiseau Wednesday

A fantastic idea ocurred to me late last night: the only time the birds aren't jumpy, flighty and freaking out is when they're all settled down, puffed up, and ready for bed.
So I traipsed (quitely) up to the cages after dark and snapped a few quick pics of some very sleepy song birds.
First you see Henry and Anne, cuddled up to each other as they tend to do.

Next is my sweet little confused Butters. It really looks like he's giving me something of a quizzical look. As much as a creature without eyebrows can give a quizzical look.

And finally is wee Hilts. I love how on both Hilts and Butters you can see their side feathers still slightly puffed up. How rude of the human to come and disturb their sleep!


Julie said...

super cute feathered friends!! Butters quizzical look is so bang on.

Susan said...

Nice! Gorgeous little ones.

Amanda said...

I had no idea birds had such expressive faces and gestures! Very, very cute.

LittleCanoe said...

Haha. Sooooo cute!

StaceyKnitsIt said...

I agree; So Cute!

StaceyKnitsIt said...
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kingshearte said...

A good head tilt is an excellent quizzical substitute for eyebrows, and that birdie certainly has that down!

Very cute.

Seni said...

They are lovely, thanks for presenting them to us :-)