Friday, August 07, 2015

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Ursa Major Knits
Rav ID: Crizzy
Some Great Designs: Crizzy's Rav Designer Page

This week's designer first caught my eye because of the beautifully bold way she uses colour and shape.
See for yourself in these three designs:

Her most recent design is Lady Liberty (pictured). Scarves/shawls are one of Crizzy's strengths, and this design is a great example of how she creates incredible dynamism using yarn colour and shape. I especially love how the unusual shape drapes in unexpected ways. Just scroll through the pattern photos on the Rav page.

Second, I wanted to show you another of her scarf/shawl designs, New York Beauty. Totally beauty! Look at how fantastically she's utilized a self-striping yarn to create undulating shape in an otherwise simple accessory.

Finally, here's a great display of her design sensibility directed at socks. These might be some of the most interesting socks I've ever seen: Venetian Joker shows that trademark use of shape and colour that Crizzy is so good at. Just check out those cuffs! It even comes with 7 pages of photo tutorials, and bottom up as well as top down instructions. Rad!

Want to win a copy of Lady Liberty? Just leave a comment here letting me know either your email address or Ravelry id.
Winner will be chosen August 20.


Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

Wow Teresa. That's pretty wild. Some knitters are so incredibly creative. And bold. Very inspiring.

anjifelstead said...

Fabulous garment, just wish I could do something close to that!

Orli said...

That's some fantastic work right there. tinyplasticmeat on Rav