Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Great Northern: Design Profile #3

I'll be talking a bit more about why I like Maddy's character in a few weeks. But for now, I wanted to share with you all a little bit about the design I've drawn from her wardrobe for Great Northern.

One of my major goals in creating this collection was to give Twin Peaks fans, and even knitters who weren't (aren't yet??) Twin Peaks fans, items that they would be excited to knit and wear.
I know there's nearly nothing that gets me more excited in the knit world than a design that balances boldness and wearability.

In the image above you see Maddy, in her sneakiest of sneaky outfits, sneaking out of the Palmer's house to do some sleuthing. You've gotta know that fabulous fringed delight around her shoulders caught my eye.

From this scene I immediately knew I wanted to create something spunky, fun, and fringed. Something that draws on the spirit of Maddy, with youthful energy and a bold element or two, but that's balanced with equal counts of the subdued to achieve something attractive and wearable. Enter the asymmetric, textural, fringed, mini poncho!

With strong elements like that, I wanted to balance them out with a soft, neutral-coloured yarn. Something that would add to the interesting texture without overwhelming it; something that would look fantastic in fringe, and something that would complement any number of outfits you'd style it with.

Enter Knits in Class and her fabulous hand-dyed bulky twist yarn. MAN, look at the twist on that! It's such a lovely, gentle colour. Something I can absolutely see Maddy wearing on her sneakiest of sneaky sneaks out of the Palmer's home.

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