Monday, August 31, 2015

Beach House KAL: Week 4

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For this fourth and final week, let’s aim to get the Front and Finishing completed.

The front just takes using your mesh stitch flat skills that are well established by now, and keeping track of your neckline decreases.
By the time you’re done those front panels, you’ll have two sets of stitches that need grafting together.
Here’s a video AND photo tutorial on the Kitchener stitch (aka grafting) from Knit Picks.

And finally, there’s those fun instructions to “block aggressively”. I’m not kidding! You did, of course, do this same thing to your swatch, so you know why this is an integral step.
And we’re done!

Please share your Beach House FOs! I’d love to see how you’re styled this versatile crop top.

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