Thursday, August 27, 2015

Handmade Fashion Challenge: Knit Crop Top Done!

I'm ticking along with my own handmade fashion challenge fairly well! I outlined the four pieces I want to make, and have completed one!

It's the knit crop top, and I started and completed it (actually, I knit two of them!) on my vacation earlier this month.
This is a pattern that I'm hoping to publish next year as the perfect crop top.

I used some fantastic leftover Zauberzeug sock weight in a Neon Tigerlily gradient. (The original design this was used on is set to be published within the next couple months!)

The temperature were sliiiightly cooler today; gets my heart ready for when they really drop and I can start to wear this top!

Remember to share YOUR handmade fashion challenge pieces on instagram with the hashtag #hmfc2015.

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Michelle said...

This is so cute!! It's very Fall appropriate.