Friday, August 21, 2015

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Valentina Strokina
Blog: Danale. Knitwear.
Rav ID: ValentinaS
Some Great Designs: ValentinaS' Rav Designer Page

A gentle, quiet grace infuses all of Valenina's designs.

Fragrance of Meadows (pictured) is her most recent pattern and one of my favourites. A seamless, top-down garment using the contiguous method, this piece is one that is great for the warm weather and also fab for the cooler temperatures. Just imagine layering it over a tee or longer sleeved shirt! Vests are way in for the fall.

Wings has a wonderfully graceful drape and simple shape. I love that the pattern comes with three options for neck and armhole finishing and is a seamless knit.

Finally I wanted to show you Senoir Angler. This design has a fantastic use of simple knit purl textures to create an interested, cozy looking finished sweater.

FYI: Valentina currently has a summer sale for 40% off patterns in her Ravelry shop. It's on until the end of August!

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Michelle said...

I love Valentina's designs. I knit Shannon and really enjoyed it. I hope to knit Neon is the New Black soon- love how far up the sleeve that ribbing goes!