Monday, August 10, 2015

Beach House KAL: Week 1

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Let’s kick off this KAL!
Beach House is a multi-technique pattern, but it’s still a really quick knit.
Worked up on larger-than-average needles, you end up with a fabric that (especially after blocking!) is super light and airy.

To help you keep on track, there’ll be a new post published every week, giving you a goal to aim for and some helpful hints.

For this first week, let’s aim to get the Bottom Edge Short Rows completed.

Already you can see from the name of the section we’re completing here, it’s short rows!

  • If you’ve never worked short rows before, there is an excellent tutorial in the Summer 2015 issue of Holla Knits (yes! The one Beach House is in!). Otherwise, there are plenty of resources you can consult, including this video tutorial from Knit Picks.
  • You may also find the mesh repeats a bit unusual: They do indeed begin the first row with a YO. But I promise, it’ll work out in the end!
  • And it may be helpful to note: when working the first few instructions, they read as “Work Row 1 of Mesh Stitch Flat, work next…..” If that line is confusing to you at all, try reading it as “WorkING Row 1 of mesh Stitch Flat, work next….”
Happy knitting everyone!
Here you see my own Beach House at the end of the Bottom Edge Short Rows Section

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