Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is This?

In one of my jaunts to the goliath Value Village (no judgey - they have cheap housewares and very cheap books and mags!) I came across this, still shrink-wrapped.


It's absolutely adorable, but, what is it?

My current theory is that it's a phonetics game, and likely a Dutch one. It also came with a punch-out cardstock sheet with, what looks like, vowel combinations.

What it is and how it works is a mystery to me, but I thought perhaps someone could smack their eyes on it and know immediately.

Can you solve this mystery?

ps: You know I had to pick it up: sheep appear on it twice, they have a very cool goat, and a couple sweet dogs! Oh, and the pigeon. And the kitty. And the creepy-as-hell clothed monkey.


Unknown said...

Oh here's one I can help you with!

It's used (or at least it used to be used) in learning how to read and spell Dutch in elementary school ("Lagere School" when I was in it). Dutch children learn to read at the age of 5/6, when they leave "Kleuterschool" which they attend age 4 and 5.*

We start learning to read by sound, vowels and consonants which make up simple (not compound) sounds. Most people growing up in the Netherlands will recognize the list. Aap, Noot Mies... By the time I was thought, it had changed from the list you see on your board, and the images were modernized (early to mid 80's). My list is Aap Noot Mies Vis Vuur Pim (Ape, Nut, Mies (girl's name), Fish, Fire, Pim (boy's name)).

So what you've found is a nice piece of nostalgic re-make, as they still sell these for decorating I suppose... Imagine them being legal paper sized and all around the wall of the classroom. teacher, pointing stick in hand, going by the images, and all of us chanting in unison. Same for our times tables...

Hope this clarifies enough!

*these have since been fused into 8 years of "Basisschool", age 4-12.

Linda said...

Judith, you beat me to it! I was about to write the same thing. When I was in elementary school in the Netherlands we learned the more modern version (this was in the 80s), it began with 'boom' (tree), then I believe it was 'roos' (rose), and vuur and pim where in there as well. I remember seeing pictures of the older one with "aap, noot, mies", they're quite famous! Now that I've been living abroad for so long I'd love to have a copy of one of those to put on my wall somewhere :). Our eldest will be ready to learn to read in a year or two - I'm teaching her Dutch in addition to English - so I'll be on the look-out for a Dutch learn-to-read system :).