Friday, February 17, 2012

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Christina Werge
Blog: Herrlichkeiten
Etsy Shop: Herrlichkeiten
Rav ID: schneefloeckchen
Some Great Designs: schneefloeckchen's Rav Designer Page

First off, this designer's blog is attractive: clear, crisp, interesting photographs laid out with a great design. It's a hint as to her pattern design aesthetic!

I've chosen to feature her Sailor Blouse photo
because its clever twist on an otherwise simple, stockinette, bottom up top, make for an appealing and interesting piece. The cute collar edging adds such personality. It's fantastic.

I would say, however, that you'll have to get a look at her other patterns here to get an idea as to the other side of her design "personality". That is, fine detail and texture.

First here's the Drop Dead Gorgeous Loop & Hat, a cowl and beret set that utilizes delicate, all-over texture wonderfully. I dig the seamless way the ribbing dancing up and across the top of the hat, and how the cowl/loop is such a simple, yet very versatile shape.

Knit sideways and in one piece, the elegant Elinor Shawlette is a great little knit for just-that-bit of scarf/shawl goodness surrounding your neck and shoulders.

And, in a return to her simple-and-clever design "personality", there's Gardening. Love a good zippered sweater? Look no further. The cables a placed perfectly, skimming along your torso, creating the very right amount of texture and interest.

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