Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sugary Learnins'; Or, Cupcake Decorated Part Cinq

PhotobucketThe springtime edition!

This week we got to create our own little army of bunnies.

What you need

-pink decorator sugar
-white icing
-jelly beans
-pink or red wee heart candies
-shredded coconut
-red decorator's gel
-black licorice lace

How you do it

Ice cupcakes.
Roll in plateful of shredded coconut.

Using scissors and cutting on a diagonal, chop marshmallow in half. Dip into pink sugar.

Artfully stick ears atop head (adding a bit of icing to the bottom of the ears helps them to stick. Plus, you get even more icing on the cupcake. Yum).Photobucket

Now add the face: cut jelly bean in half. Tip: the face looks cuter if the eyes are juuuuust a little far apart.
Plop heart candy onto bunny face, upside down, for nose.
Chop 1" lengths of black licorice, and place for whiskers.
The mouth was drawn on with red decorator's gel, but I'm not sure how happy I am with it. They were kind of better looking without it.
(and, as you'll notice on the bunny here, I added a wee tongue sticking out with some pink icing. I couldn't help myself :p)

And here's the last one I made, on purpose, to look goofy.
Cupcakes - on blog

And we got a little side-lesson in basket weave.
Now, I didn't do all too well with the weaving, but it was certainly fun and delicious!

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