Thursday, February 02, 2012

How To: Embarrass Your Dog

PhotobucketYeah, that's poor Ellie.

She's not too pleased with this handmade, lovely couture addition to her wardrobe (which really only consisted of a collar. Otherwise, she's always naked. Shocking!)

This post is dual purpose.

First, to share this adorable picture (like how I snuck that one in there!)

Second, to announce a new feature I'll be regularly posting: How To.

I've toyed with this idea for a long time, and have held off because I feel like I lack expertise on so many levels.

But I do have a degree of knowledge in several areas, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to share!

I'd also like to "learn along" with you all. There's so many things I'd like to try. And I'll do you all the favour of making the horrid mistakes. I give you permission to laugh and point.

I'm looking for them to begin regularly every Monday starting next week. It'll be a grand variety of stuff. Admittedly, it's also another thing for me to research. I love researching. Man, I enable myself!


Julie said...

ooh, looking forward to the new feature!! your doggie is adorable. I didn't know you had a dog!

Unknown said...

Love this idea!