Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New News!

PhotobucketI've done it, folks. I've entered the 21st century (about twelve years too late) and now have a FB page for all things CanaryKnits. Check it, linked to this wee pic.

You may be wondering why, and let me tell you: while I love me this blog, its got some great strengths, and its very good for serving its particular purpose, its weakness is in the lack of an (easy) way to get in touch with any readers. I'd love to be able to respond to comments (easily), ask a quick quiz, post a fast update (see my Twitter page, which is getting much more action lately!). The Facebook page will facilitate a conversation between us all in an efficient manner.

Also, got the blog all profesh and stuff by purchasing the domain name CanaryKnits. I'm told that all your old bookmarks should just forward you from the old dot blogspot addy.
The makes me smile. Don't know why!

Oh yeah, and I (finally) have a feed! Subscribe for automatic CanaryKnits funtimes (linky above, in the right-hand column of blog).

Hope to see you round the interwebs some time.

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