Thursday, February 16, 2012

Knitting Schedule; And The Winner Is....


The Random Number Generator has spoken, and the winner of the patterns giveaway is Denise! I'll be in touch with the patterns shortly.

And in other news:

I've been finding it challenging as of late to find time to knit.
I know perfectly well that I have the very same amount of time as I've always had. There's some sort of force, I'll call it eeeevil, that is using its magical evil powers to drain my knitting time away into other ventures.

And suddenly, poof! The time has been stolen.

I'm wondering, do you go out of your way to schedule knitting time? Is the (really rather pesky) rest of life get in the way to the degree that you have to make yourself a schedule?

This issue is getting me to the point of scheduling my days up into micro-managed chunks.

How do you keep the eeeevil time-stealing forces at bay?


Hilary said...

Ooooh, good question! Because, seriously, the eeeevil time stealer has come out in full force since I had a baby. But for me, the eeevil time stealer is usually the internet. My spare time is quite precious these days, and I know it is, but whenever I find it, I end up sitting down "just for a few minutes", watching an entire hour go down the drain, and realizing I've accomplished absolutely NOTHING! So I just have to remind myself of that. "You can check your email later, self. Go sit down and knit. It's more fun."

kingshearte said...

TV is for knitting, is how I do it. Any time spent in front of the TV is also spent with needles and yarn in my hands. I also usually use between class or between work and class time for knitting. But there do arise some yarn-free days, which is sad.

Unknown said...

I agree with kingshearte. TV time is knitting time. However, sometimes I am so tired after a long day in the classroom that I can't even bring myself to do that. However, this happens rarely.

Anonymous said...

I fight the eeevil by always having some knitting with me in the car, so if I have to wait anywhere (usually for the kids but also for appointments etc.) I can be happy about it. I also take some knitting time while the kids are at activities - instead of running around like a headless chicken trying to do errands and rushing back in time to pick them up, I just sit... and knit... and chat with other waiting parents. Very unstressful, probably makes me a better parent :)