Friday, February 03, 2012

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Lorna Pearman
Blog: Peargirl Knits
Etsy Shop: Peargirl Knits
Rav ID: peargirl
Some Great Designs: peargirl's Rav Designer Page

Looking for a way to brighten your day? Add a bit of pretty and a bit of cheer? The patterns from this week's designer are sure to please!

You can see her style at work in the pictured knit, Enchanted Arrows Hat. Making great use of some lovely yarn, the motif staggers out the colour changes quite nicely.

I don't usually feature knits for children or babies, but I couldn't resist the A Sky of Honey Hat. Just click on the link. I'll wait.... Ok, had a look? Isn't it adorable! (plus, there's actually a size for growed ups too).

I've always loved the leaf-lace shape, and here it's used to perfection in Idrial's Elvish Slippers. You can't tell me those aren't awesome. I particularly like the attention paid to the ever-so-slightly pointed toe. Fantastic! I'd say these are elvish without necessarily being childish.

Oh, and speaking of children... the last piece I'd like to point out is peargirl's Clown Fish Love Anemones Earflap Hat. Again, great use of colourwork. Comes in kids' size; I love Nemo enough to dig one for myself!


LittleCanoe said...

Love the arrows hat, so fun!

meredith MC said...

Lorna is a friend of mine and it's great to see her amazing work on your blog. Thanks for this feature.