Thursday, January 11, 2007

A New Frontier

I just got this in the mail yesterday. A new obesssion?


Anonymous said...

oooh i love cross stitch, its very addictive!

Melanie said...

uh oh,
woman, you are so up my alley it is not even funny!
I have been a stitcher for years..but have not done it for quite some time...and then recently I was talking to a friend who has been doing different types of embroidery..and I thought, hmm. I miss that! I still have all my stuff and lots of charts/kits.
I have also been gravitating to blogs that have stitching in them.
Maybe this is a way for me to get around my "yarn diet?" =)

Teresa said...

That's precisely what I was thinking! Distract myself from yarn with something else colourful and time-consuming :)
I don't have all the gadgets, and I don't even really know what I'm doing, but dammit, I will finish these cross-stitch charts!
As for the swear words: all in good time. I might just swear enough during the process of stitching that it'll subconciously work its way into the finished product :o