Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dreaming in Knitty Colour: The Online Pattern Edition

This is, I promise, the last post of its kind for a while.
Greenery Toque
I need a hat. This one is cute.
Plus I think I can stash-bust some Patons Classic Wool in a creamy colour along with some Patons Decor, in a sagey green. I'm envisioning a huge pompom on top, too.
Basically just so that I can use the giant pompom maker that I bought ages ago.

Spiral Cowl
This one is a cool idea. I think it may also look attractive because I think it may be yet another stash-busting solution.

I already posted re: the Picovoli. It's got a whole whack of buttery-yellow Debbie Bliss Pure Silk waiting for it.

Anne Modesitt's Silk Corset
I've already bought this pattern, and it's just sitting in my knitting folder. I also have the yarn - the same type recommended. And, once again, it's a couple shades of yellow.
I'm sure at one point I'll move on from the golden-yarn-buying phase. It's just not all out of my system quite yet.

Another stashbuster! (I hope). I have a load of Kid Silk 2-Ply left over from my misadventures with the first Ene's Scarf. I also have a bunch of very pretty brown, yellow and gold coloured glass beads that haven't yet found a suitable vocation, and I think this might be it.
Stay tuned.
I might be all scarfed-out at this point, with two still on the needles.

Colourful Waves Throw
I've been collecting blue and purple yarn for this thing since knitting-time began for me. It started with a newbie purchase of some Fleece Artist mohair yarn (which I soon realized wouldn't be suitable for the top I had been planning to make with it).
Then I bought several hanks of Fleece Artist's Curly Locks in various shades of blue and purple. What else would you use it for?
Then I decided that I needed to try knitting with angora, and just bought some random, inexpensive angora on eBay. Well, turned out to be the goat, not the bunny.
Fairly disappointing, and a stupid newbie mistake, but the two skeins of blue, fuzzy and sometimes rather itchy angora will make themselves useful, I'm sure.
The problem with this one will lie in exactly how to combine these various gauges into a harmonious whole.

Mrs. Beetons
More stash-busting. At its best, I might add, because this pattern will enable me to use all those lovely scraps left over from larger projects, made with the precious, precious yarn that I would under no circumstances throw away.

Ditto for this one.

Garn Studio Crocheted Bikini Top
This pattern is much like the other Crocheted halter that I've recently posted about from Sexy Little Knits. Not sure which I like best.

Cloud Bolero
Since I love my Anthropologie shrug oh so much, I've decided to expand my shrug-choices and add this one to the mix.
If anyone knows a good sub for Lion Brand Thick and Quick, let me know. I've check the shades at the local Michael's, and they're rather disappointing.

Lace Up Gloves
These were just too pretty not to include. I probably wouldn't wear them.
I'm at a fortunate age where I can still get away with wearing, what might be termed as, younger fashions, while still being able to walk the line of the grown-up wardrobe.
These, methinks, fall under the latter category, and there isn't much time left for me to be able to pull them off.

Kiri Shawl
I have 1/2 a pound of laceweight wool (already featured on the blog under the sad, sad heading of Misadventures with Kool-Aid dying.
It's a distinct possibility that, after I correct the colouring of said yarn, it may become this shawl.

Celia Crocheted Top
This one's not bad. It's a sad second, compared to the Cupcake top. But, as crocheted tops go, this one is wearable.
I would, of course, mod it. I'm not sure how I feel about those dangling triangles at the bottom edge.
That said: it would probably be a quick craft, and would serve well as a summer top.

Bergere de France - Take II
Ah yes, I'm trying again. I had originally purchased some Patons Classic Wool in a cream colour to make this top, but have subsequently been informed that said wool pills.
I may or may not change my mind on the yarn, but dammit, I will have this sweater.

Fake Isle
This hat is also very cute. Once again, from a stash-busting point of view, this will take care of some left over Lamb's Pride Worsted I have, along with a ball of Noro Silk Garden in very pretty shades of pink and purple.
Of course, with an added pompom.


Anonymous said...

Those are all great patterns! MY problem is now that I;ve finished a bunch of my WIPs, I'm stumped as to what I'll knit next. Not a problem that you'll have!

Teresa said...

Hehe, believe it or not, I had that problem not too long ago. I hate that feeling :P Hope you can find some inspiration soon!