Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two Little Birds

For today: just a picture-post to display the lovely necklace I received in a swap with Flor from Portugal. It seems I get the nicest packages from people there! Another swap, happening at the same time and from the same country, contained a pair of earring that match. Cosmic!
Knitting will be posted soon, I promise (Steph!)


Teresa said...

Thanks :) Good news, I'm in the process of blocking (mystery item)! Bad news: I'm blocking it after having only completed part of it because (insert suspensful silence here) the stupid gauge is off! Rather, MY stupid gauge is off. Very off. So, in order to maintain sanity, blocking had to occur. I'm hoping it's dry soon.

Anonymous said...

Love the Lady E shawl! Do you have any interest in reviewing craft books? Please send me an email: khenderson@randomhouse.com and I can explain further!

Flor said...

happy New year :)