Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dreaming in Knitty-Colour Four: Interweave Knits Inspiration, with a bit of Crochet thrown in

Yes, the "Dreaming in Knitty Colour..." posts just keep coming. Here's my list from Interweave Knits.
I was originally interested in making this shawl, the "Swallowtail", but I question how much I'll actually use it. It is very beautiful. But for the most part, I'd like to devote my knitting time to items that I'll actually wear/use. This is the "Bonita" top from the same issue. I started to make it once, and even blogged about it, but because gague and I are not friends, and certainly were not at that time,
the top suffered the consequences and became a little ponchette, or whatever :p
This one is also a little questionable. Not sure if I *really* like it. I'd definately have to make it more form-fitting. I really like the lace, though, and I need to come up with more warm weather knits.
Here is something a little off: the top "Cupcake" from "The Happy Hooker". It's really sweet, and I have yet to find the cotton that would be best to make it, but this would be a good solution to the warm weather knits (though this one is crocheted).
This one is also from "Happy Hooker". I love the lace, and the Anthropologie capelet that I made months back gets a lot of use, and I love it. This one could be just as useful :)


Anonymous said...

Those are cute. I definitely need some warm weather things to make. I remember the ponchette. Funny. You should wear it out. You could use that Debbie Bliss Cathay I was telling you about-- its a really nice cotton. Feels lovely, and theres some silk and viscose in it.

I was thinking about your recent posts; is it just me or is it funny to take a picture of a picture? I love it.

What issue of IK was that?

Teresa said...

Haha, oh yes, it is weird to take a pic of a pic, and perhaps doesn't count too much for original blog content, but I'm trying! And oh, I love the organizational aspects of it.

Ooo, that Debbie Bliss Cathay is a good suggestion. I'm actually on the case this moment.

It was last summer's IK (I think!). Of course, if you want to see the original, and not pictures of pictures, it can always come along with me on Wednesday!

Btw, you're quick-like-bunny with your comments. I'd only just published this post a few minutes ago. I love it :) Hehe, I have regulars :D

Hope said...

I made the Short and Sweet cardigan from Happy Hooker. I LOVE it and I wear it all time (or I did when it was warmer weather.) I love it so much I've been thinking of making another in a different color. It was a very quick pattern, too, and pretty easy. I did make mine longer than the pattern as written -- waist-length.

I love the Swallowtail shawl, also. I love shawls, but don't seem wear them all that often. I'm thinking rectagular shawls might be the answer :-)

Teresa said...

Good, I'm glad to hear that the Short n Sweet Shrug is so usable! When I move into my warmer knits phase, that'll be on the top of the list :)