Friday, January 05, 2007

Central Park Hoodie - Final Decision

I've just decided to let it be: no zipper for this CPH. I love the yarn - Karaoke - with it's smooth gradations of silvery-grey and black. Very soft, and incredibly warm! I can't recall how many skeins it took, but I know it was less than the pattern called for. I find that happens with most patterns. Better more than less! There's nothing worse than searching for a yarn to finish a project (except maybe for dropping a load of stitches, or tinking back about 6 rows of twists and cables! and no, I've never had any of that happen to me before...)


Fel said...

Amazing wool colour! Looks just like something I would love to wear - warm and cuddly, perfect for snuggling up.
Every day my fingers itch more and more to start knitting. :D

Teresa said...

Thanks :) Here's a link to Yarn Market & their section on Karaoke yarn:

Though I'd never buy from them - I was quite taken aback by their shipping rates to Canada!

Teresa said...

This is in KnitScene - I'll be bringing it for sure :) I can't wait for Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if there was any chance you had copies of this pattern ? I have looked everywhere for the magazine but can't find it. Thanks in advance,

Teresa said...

I do have the magazine, but you're not allowed to reproduce patterns that are for sale. Here's the magazine's website:

The one I got it from was the Fall 2006 issue. A great one! There's at least 3 other patterns in there that I've made/am making (and going to make!)
I think you can order back issues from them. I only found it at a knitter's fair in Septmeber. I emailed the magazine and asked if they sell in Canada. They said they do, but I've yet to find anyone who sells them here!