Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dreaming in Knitty Colour Deux: Retro Edition

What follows is a selection of various decades and various patterns that have caught my eye. Feast on the greatness of the 80s (well, I like the lace pattern on the yellow one), the cabelly goodness of the 50s and the delicate lace of the 40s.
None of these have yarn purchased for them yet. They're all just dreams.
Taking into account that I'll probably be making the shirts a bit longer (because I hate short shirts that ride up), think I can pull off a 40s fashion?

Such dramatic lighting! Not so sure I can be so movie starlet-esque as these ladies.
Oh yes, and the collared one on the left, ick. I like the one on the right.

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Teresa said...

I got some of them from Value Village, and others were sent to me in a swap. If you like any of them, I can bring them along next Wednesday :)