Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dreaming in Knitty-colour

I've recently been informed by sources whose knitting-influence have, in the past, saved me from making a disaster sweater, that I need to step up production, and certainly the blogging re: the production, of my oft-lamented WIP pile.
To this end, I have decided that I shall display, for all blogdom too see (and for me to keep track of) all (actually, most) of the patterns that I own and dream about and hope to one day knit.

Here we have a WIP pattern, the Fair Isle U-Neck from VK. I've photoed it in the last post.
It's in Knit Picks Elegance. I didn't really research my colour choices for the fair isle, and so am only half-in-love-with this WIP. The project itself kicks ass major. When I found that I was having these meh feelings towards the colours (that and the intimidation of fair isle) I put it down in October, and haven't touched it since.
I also decided that I was going to further research the colours, and so plotted the diagrams and bought some Knit Picks Merino Style in fun yellows and browns (I think. It's been so long since I bought them!) Perhaps a photo of the to-be-worked-on yarn will follow soon.
FYI: I realize these are not wonderful, pleasant, or even easy-to-make-out photos. Forgive me. Laziness compels me to say "screw it" to perfect placement, lighting, zoom, etc... to provide the reader with an idea of what I'm getting at.

Here we have the very sweet Molly Ringwald pattern from Knitscene. I love this issue (don't ask which one it is - it's not in front of me right now).
This pattern is one of many that I've had floating around in my knitty-dreams for months now.
I purchased the yarn to make this top a few weeks ago. It's Noro Cash Ihora, in a pink not unlike the one in the photo. I started it too, only to realize that my rib count was off and I'm a dumbass. That and the Cash Ihora is a larger gauge than the one required (why I do this to myself, I know not).
And so, it was frogged, and awaits approval in its sad little bag on my bedroom floor.
Btw, the yarn is beautiful! I loves Noro!

When I heard of the book "Romantic Style" I knew it would make me drool. It didn't disappoint.
Here are two patterns that I'm planning to make from it: above the Bed Jacket, and below the famous Butterfly dress.
Never being a kool kid myself, I missed out on the Butterfly trend. The way I see it, I get to benefit from everyone else's experience by reading their blogs and KALs.
I've also already bought the yarn that I'll be using to make the 2 projects. For the Bed Jacket it's Bernat Satin in a baby pink colour (see, how could I be a yarn snob of the utmost proportions if I use Bernat anything?)
And for the dress (which I will only be making into a top - knitted dresses seem odd to me) is Kidsilk Haze in a sagey green colour.

Here, at the bottom of the post, sits what I think is a pretty cute lil' ol retro hat pattern. Not that I'm a hat wearer per se, but if I were to wear one, I think this might be it. I also posted it because I know a knitty friend of mine enjoys hats. Retro hats, I don't know. But hats.
Oh yes, and how could you say no to a hat called "Minaret"?


Teresa said...

Hehe, I blush :)
Yes, SO the yarn snob.
And, clever bird that I be, I did find out how to use the center tag.

I think these posts (oh yes, there will be more) will help me to get motivated instead of stressed about how much I want to do and haven't done yet! Knitting should not be stress!

Do a list for you too! I want to see your knits to be :o

carolyne said...

I love all of the patterns in this post! That dress is so very Romantic Style. I'm still stuck on the very basic baby jacket I'm knitting :(

Teresa said...

Thanks :) I can't wait to start making them.

You'll get there yourself! If I had a wee one to knit for, that would be great! The cute patterns out there for babies are endless. Plus, you can knit a sweater and not have it take a reaaaally long time :)