Monday, August 13, 2012

Announcement! Ghosts: historiographies, cultural manifestations, and the knits they've inspired

I love research.
I love a good pattern. One that's had thought put into it, inspiration behind it.
And I love art. Connecting visual information and beauty. Creativity and utility.

That's why I'm publishing Ghosts: historiographies, cultural manifestations, and the knits they've inspired.

It's a collection of some research I've found interesting, and its application to a nice little set of garments and accessories you can knit.

Ghost Knits - on blog

As you might imagine, cultures understand and recognize ghosts1 in a variety of ways. Even one culture, over a period of time, will alter its perception and visualization of this phenomenon.

I thought it'd be interesting to research this topic; it started just as a bit of curiosity, after having heard a factoid about how the invention/proliferation of digital camera technology has created the new "evidence" of ghosts: light orbs.

Since it was proving to be such an exciting topic, rife with great stories, descriptions, histories, images, and the like, I quickly became inspired to create an ebook collection of patterns based on ghosts, cultures and histories.

The picture above is a glimpse at the first pattern I worked on for the project. I'm not telling what it is! But I'm so keen for you to see it, my projected publication date of October can't come soon enough!
1 To clarify: since I'm discussing a variety of cultures, when I use the word "ghost", I mean it in the Western traditional definition. That is, the remnants of a deceased human's soul/spirit. Not it's corporeality (vampires, zombies), but in some cases its vengeful/demonic form. Once you start looking into this area of cultural study, you'd be amazed how many permutations of a seemingly singular supernatural phenomenon there are!


Unknown said...

Very cool! This sounds like the perfect collection from which to choose an October project.

Anonymous said...

So interesting!

Katja said...

This sounds very exciting! Looking forward to hear more about this project - and see your patterns. :)

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