Friday, August 24, 2012

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Boadicea Binnerts
Blog: Boknits
Rav ID: Boknits
Some Great Designs: Boknits' Rav Designer Page

Fantastically geometric.

Those two words jumped out at me when I first looked at Boknits' patterns.

I'm sure you'll agree when you look at this list of lovelies:

Matrix Sweater (pictured) is a riot of interesting shape and shaping. Just read this quote, from the pattern page, "The drop-stitch darts form the shaping, in a unique new way. Even the sleeve decreases are somewhere else!"

How cool is that?

Vertical Ruffle Skirt is one of a few of Boknits' designs that play with this sort of amazing structural element.
See it appear as well on her Hello Sailor! sweater.

Mouse-stairs top uses another strict form, but in a different and more organic way. She refers to it as "a geometric waterfall of simple folds ". Beautifully put.

Go check out her other designs. It's so interesting and exciting to see a designer with a clear, attractive and uniform aesthetic!


mel said...

Oh wow!! This designer is amazing!! Super creative and adventuresome. Thanks for the profile - I'm off to Rav to fave & queue :)

Meredith MC said...

Very cool designs- that Matrix sweater really reminds me of the movie. I love the vertical ruffles, I just find them hard to wear. They're pretty to look at though.