Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pumpkin CPR: Dead or Alive

Garden update:

Curiously, there's a grand total of nine (9!) butternut squash on the vine. And, you know, still alive.

The pumpkins, on the other hand...


Not sure what's going down, but I have two (2, sadface).


It's been suggested that they're too crowded, and I suspect that might be the culprit.

The reaching-tentacles of the pumpkin have encroached all the way down the alley next to the house. As of this morning, that arm of this squash-expedition is still dead-leaf-free.


There are flourishing parts o' the garden, and I hopes they yield wonderfulness for me to share.
At the mo, there's just the morning glory.
Seeing it's prettiness always makes my day.



kingshearte said...

Considering the size of even small pumpkins, two seems like a perfect number to me. What on earth, if I may ask, did you intend to do with a full crop's worth?

Teresa said...

This is a good question! I enjoy a good pumpkin pie, but there's a myriad of options if you simply bake/cook and then freeze the pumpkin meat. I'm also keen on their use as Halloween decor. I've seen a bunch of really cool things people do with them, from the traditional jack-o-lantern to a wine bucket.
But, looks like I won't have to worry about that with the pumpkins. The butternut squash, on the other hand...

Meredith MC said...

i hate powdery mildew! It always takes my zuccini too early- even now they're starting to show signs. ughh

Unknown said...

You may have vine borers - if the stems look like some bug got in there and ate it up, then that's what killed them! I lost a lot of my squash to them. In the early stages, you can cut the tube they create open and pull them out.